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Change the World Wednesday – 28th May

I have been free of the dreaded lurgy for a week; touch wood. But beset by other problems, all is outlined in my post Up in Smoke. I am using my laptop as a result.

Just imagine, bacon flavoured wings

Just imagine, bacon flavoured wings

The chances of me becoming fully vegetarian are about as great as pigs flying.

My scare last week in realising that red meat was a factor with my dreaded lurgy proved groundless, I had red meat on the weekend with no ill effects.

My first power bill arrived this morning by email. Not that I am pleased with a bill, but the lack of paper is a bonus.

During the week I salvaged all the wood from a table, yesterday, I bought the screws necessary to put it back together. All I need now is the glass centre and Ill have a dining table. Now I am worried, it rained last night with a lot of wind and it managed to wet the wood which is a composite type. I have been outside and dried it, so I hope I wasn’t too late.

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This week’s CTWW.

We are talking about Monarch butterflies.

This week, ask the EPA to adopt tough new restrictions on the weed killers that are wiping out monarchs. Please sign this PETITION (appropriate worldwide).


OR …

If you do not wish to sign a petition, please write a post about the environmental dangers of using herbicides and pesticides. Please include suggestions on how we, as consumers, can avoid them.


OR …

Consider planting a butterfly garden which includes milkweed and nectar plants. And, of course, avoid the use herbicides and pesticides in your garden.


Well, I don’t do petitions, I help promote them. Most petitions are not do-able from Brazil.

I’ve posted before about the dangers of pesticides and herbicides.

This morning I picked a sprig of milkweed, at least I think it’s milkweed, I’ll google it and check. It’s in water and I am hoping it will root. So I have started my butterfly garden.

Butterfly gardening is a growing school of gardening, specifically wildlife gardening, that is aimed at creating an environment that attracts butterflies, as well as certain moths. Butterfly gardening is often aimed at inviting those butterflies and moths to lay eggs as well. Because some plants are not fed upon by adult butterflies, the caterpillar host should also be planted for a bigger population of butterflies. Butterflies typically feed on the nectar of flowers, and there are hundreds of such plants that may be planted to attract them” – Wikipedia.

There are some interesting facts and suggestions on Wikipedia about the control of pests like aphids, etc; and what to do if the caterpillars eat all the available milkweed.

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