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Change the World Wednesday – 8th May

I have had a complaint…

I haven’t put up CTWW yet. I’m working on it, but I need more coffee and the floor is cold with no shoes on. See, I have read CTWW, just haven’t done it yet.

Update first: This is my third beefless week. Last two weeks were beef weeks because of a quirk in the calendar. Monday’s menu was  cold pork sandwiches, yesterday’s was sushi, today’s is a big fat pork chop, haven’t even thought about tomorrow’s yet could be four-cheese cannelloni, or lasagne, depends on what moves me.

lobthermLast week, apart from the BBQ was mainly leftovers and shark.

Not so sure that I achieved the $1.50 mark or not. *Fidgeting in chair having admitted failure*

At least I didn’t have anything as extravagant as Lobster Thermidor; that would have killed the budget totally.

My main meals were shark, although it was a beef-week.

During my peregrination in town I bought one of these at the fish market…



When I got home, I turned it into these…


Lixo was pleased, because he got the scraps of raw fish as I sliced the fillets into a friable size.

It became this…

Fish and Chips

Fish ‘n Chips

Doesn’t that look yummy?

The shark provided six meals, cat food and bar snacks… R$26.00 (+/- $13.00) plus the flour, milk and egg to make the batter.

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This week’s CTWW…

I think we deserve an easy challenge this week. Did you know that your shoes are responsible for bring pollutants into your home? Further, that those pollutants (E.g. pesticides and lead) can contaminate your indoor air? So let’s resolve that. Here you go …

This week, remove your shoes at the door. Simple!

Okay, I am bare foot. Challenge achieved!

The problem is Rio has just had its coldest night of the year; and as my floors are slate, they are equally cold. I put a mat under my PC to prevent frostbite. But it does make it difficult to get coffee…

You see, in Rio we wear chinelos (jandals, thongs, flip flops, etc) all year round. I have one pair. I use shoes only for work or more formal occasions. I don’t have slippers or indoor wear.


The corner of my coffee table

But I appreciate that the air in our homes is contaminated which is why I have five sanseviéria plants growing around the livingroom. They are reputed to purify the air.

“Sansevieria species are believed to act as good air purifiers by removing toxins (such as formaldehyde, xylene and toluene)” – Wikipedia

So it is with freezing feet and healthy plants that I claim to participate in this week’s CTWW.

Until next week…

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