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Monday Moaning

amilkbottleOnce upon a time we used to get milk from farms, those of us in the city had milk delivered to their gate by the milkman.

It was milk. Lovely milk with that layer of cream at the top of a glass bottle.

Bottle milk was pasteurised, but nothing other ‘ised’.

Then came homogenised milk, the layer of cream disappeared, although we were told it was still there.

Cream also came in the bottle, smaller with a different coloured top. It could be whipped into the most delicious whipped cream.



Then the milk companies took over, and it has been downhill ever since.


The rich cream attracted the birds, they would peck a hole in the foil tops to get it. Today you won’t see birds interested in milk, so what has happened?

Today, milk comes in boxes, the delightful tetrapak, and plastic bottles, gone is the cream, as we have ultraheat treated crap.

magnolia-full-cream-milkOn the box they advertise ‘whole milk’ 3% butterfat – I say bullshit!

What happened to the other 0.5 – 1% butterfat? Without that it is not ‘whole’ milk. But the population today are so worried about obesity, that they think the milk companies are doing them a favour.

FAVOUR, my arse! They’re doing it to cheat you and make more profit!

The milk companies lobbied the governments and the laws became that you could only buy company milk. If you bought your milk from the farmer, the companies would make less profit, couldn’t have that now, could we? So buying milk from the source became illegal.

Many people didn’t like it, they wanted their whole fresh milk back. So some stores and farmers bucked the law.

Selfridges raw milk sales prompts FSA prosecution on food safety charges

The Food Standards Agency is to charge the retailer over its vending machines that sold unpasteurised milk

Untreated milk from dairy cows can contain E coli and salmonella bacteria. Photograph: Getty Images Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Selfridges is being taken to court for potentially putting public health at risk by selling raw milk at its flagship London store, the government’s food watchdog has announced.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) began an investigation last year after Selfridges installed vending machines selling unpasteurised milk supplied by Sussex farmer Stephen Hook in December 2011.

Unpasteurised milk may contain bacteria such as salmonella and E coli, which can cause food poisoning, and the FSA warned at the time that the move was in breach of food hygiene regulations designed to protect consumer health. Westminster City Council was also monitoring what was regarded as a highly unusual situation.

Today the FSA confirmed it would be prosecuting Selfridges and Hook for potentially putting public health at risk. It said in a statement: “Summons have been served to both parties and a hearing date has been set for 6 February at Westminster magistrates court.”

Raw milk dispensers are hugely popular on the continent, allowing customers to fill their own glass bottles. But in Britain the sale of raw milk is much more tightly regulated. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, unpasteurised cows’ milk can only be sold direct to consumers from farms or the farmer, including farmers’ markets; in Scotland its sale is banned outright.

Hook, of Longleys Farm, has been selling raw milk since 2007 and says his customers like the taste of the product as well as the perceived health benefits – he claims beneficial bacteria usually destroyed by pasteurisation can reduce childhood illnesses such as hay fever and eczema.

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A threat to public health!!!

I was brought up on raw milk as a baby and a child, my kids were brought up on raw milk.

In 61+ years I have never seen a case of where a person got sick from drinking raw unpasteurised milk. There may have been, but not in my knowledge.

Is this a case of the companies scaremongering to make ONLY their product available to the people. Is the government being sucked in by the companies?

Stores like Selfridges should be applauded for giving the public what they want.

Real milk!

Not being prosecuted.

“food hygiene regulations designed to protect consumer health” should read… “food hygiene regulations designed to protect company wealth“.

People around the world should be giving their governments a clear message:

We want real milk!

And if you don’t take steps to give it to us, then get out of government!

Monday Moaning

I get so annoyed, I am so sick and tired of corporations buying politicians to do their bidding.

Look at this example. I know it’s more of a political rant, and this blog isn’t a political platform, but the two are inextricably mixed. Until we fix this problem there is NO GREEN!

Stop this culture of paying politicians for denying climate change

Protecting the environment requires a sweeping reform of political funding, only then corporations will stop throwing big money at senators.

Republican senator James Inhofe told the environment and public works committee ‘climate change is a hoax perpetrated on the American people’. Photograph: Bill Clark/Getty Images


“The best lack all conviction, while the worst/Are full of passionate intensity.” These words, from WB Yeats’s poem The Second Coming, came to mind as I read the testimony from Wednesday’s Senate hearings on climate change.

They’re not a precise description of what took place, as the two most eminent climate scientists who testified before the environment and public works committee, Christopher Field and James McCarthy, were not lacking in conviction. But they were, as scientists should be, careful and meticulous, laying out their evidence calmly and sequentially, saying nothing that was not supported by the data.

By contrast, the Senate committee’s ranking member (its most senior Republican), James Inhofe, spoke with the demagogic passion of a revivalist preacher. “The global warming movement has completely collapsed … the science of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was finally exposed … The time has come to put these tired, failed policies to rest and embrace the US energy boom so that we can put Americans back to work, turn this economy around, become totally energy independent from the Middle East, and ensure energy security for years to come.”

In other words, Inhofe argued, we should take no action on climate change, which he has described as “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people”.

Never mind the overwhelming evidence that has accumulated since the last Senate hearings in 2009; never mind the crazy temperatures the US has been experiencing recently, which have alerted many Americans to what climate change is likely to deliver in the decades to come; never mind the prominent sceptic Richard Muller’s assessment of the evidence, which led to his change of heart. (It told us nothing we didn’t know already, but it should at least have caused the deniers to stop and think).

None of this makes the slightest difference to Inhofe. But how could it? Even if he were persuaded by the great weight of evidence for man-made climate change, changing his mind would be a very expensive decision. It could cost him his seat: not because it would necessarily be an unpopular shift – even in Oklahoma – but because it would jeopardise the massive flow of funds required to remain in high office in the US.

Take a look at Inhofe’s campaign funding. The major source, contributing half a million dollars over the past five years, has been the oil and gas industry.

Of his individual contributors, the biggest is Koch Industries – an oil, gas, minerals, timber and chemicals corporation, that is described by its owners, Charles and David Koch, as “the biggest company you’ve never heard of”. They fund a number of anti-environmental and anti-tax lobby groups. They set up the organisation which founded the Tea Party movement.

The second biggest contributor is Murray Energy, that boasts it is “the largest privately owned coal company in America”. The third is the oil and gas company Devon Energy. The fourth is the Contran Corporation, whose billionaire owner Harold Clark Simmons has a political profile similar to that of the Koch brothers.

If Inhofe were to change his position on man-made global warming, is it credible that he would retain all this funding? No. He receives money from fossil fuel companies because he articulates the views to which these funders subscribe, and because he advances their interests in the Senate. Given that keeping your seat means spending a fortune on television advertising and other forms of campaigning, changing your views on a matter of great interest to your sponsors is likely to be political suicide.

For people like the Kochs, Murray Energy and Harold Clark Simmons, the money they give to politicians is small change. For environmental campaigns, contributions of this size would break the bank. The money available to big business means that there will always be a massive asymmetry of this kind in the potential for political funding. As a result, a political system which imposes no effective cap on campaign finance leads inexorably to plutocracy: governance on behalf of the richest people and corporations.

The first prerequisite for protecting the environment is a functioning democracy. In any other system, those with the most money to spend or, in other circumstances, the most thugs to deploy, win the political battles. The further from democracy a nation strays, the greater the opportunities to destroy the world’s living systems, however unpopular that destruction may be.

The foremost threat to democratic values in countries like the US and the UK is the freedom with which billionaires and corporations can pay people and parties to represent their views. Protecting the environment, like protecting the welfare of a nation’s poorest and weakest people, requires a sweeping reform of political funding, on both sides of the Atlantic.



Yes, the greatest threat to, not only democratic values but the planet, are the billionaires and hence the corporations.

It’s about having a life

This is not only about climate control (as above, that’s just one example), it’s also about big oil, it’s about noxious substances in our food, it’s about anything that affects our lives and well-being that are contrary to nature.

Until the voters (Yes, people, that’s YOU) retake and wrest control of the political system from the money grabbing politicians, the wanna-be billionaires, then the rest of the world is going to suffer.

There is only one answer: Any politician who accepts a dime from a corporation is not worthy of your vote. Is not worthy to represent the people. That applies from the president down.

Only the voter can take this stance.

The politicians who accept these bribes ah, donations think they are getting rich, but the money they get is pennies compared to what the corporations get by having a politician in their pocket.

Until the voters start to vote for the little politician, the independent, and show these repugnicans and democraps that their millions of dollars are being wasted on fruitless campaigns, the status quo will remain.

If you are a repugnican and vote for repugnicans. or a democrap who votes for a democrap, you are responsible for destroying the planet!

What you do at home, recycling, selective rubbish collections, buying green or at the farmers market, is like paddling the canoe with a spoon; you’re going NOWHERE! You only think you’re making headway.

This year in November, you have your chance, throw these assholes out of government. Get the two-party system out of politics.


This applies not only to Americans, it applies to any country where the corporations control the world.

If you want to be green, vote green!


Why Rio +20 will Fail

Rio +20 will fail, just like Rio before, Johannesburg, Kyoto, Copenhagen.

All failures.

Unmitigated failures.

and Rio +20 will follow suit.


Until there is a mechanism that controls the duplicity of politicians and punishes them heavily for consorting and being funded by corporations and vested interests, all will be a failure.

For there to be any future progress in these types of conferences politicians need to be kept as far away as possible, banned from the event.

The event participants need to be independents and have the powers to dictate to the politicians the results that will benefit mankind and the planet.

Politicians, and I don’t give a tinker’s cuss if he’s a president, ought to be fined; or tried for treason and imprisoned or banned from holding public office for life.

Corporations who flout the laws, should be fined heavily and I am talking 1bn+ for each and every infraction; or have their companies closed. Put the executives on the dole queue.

Until this happens, we, our descendants and the planet are doomed.

Monday Moaning

With the world’s population growing at an exponential rate, so too are the uses of nature’s resources and we are running out.

Are we looking at another case of the tail wagging the dog?

We are trying to stem the population growth rate by preventing births, when in fact the problem is we have achieved such medical breakthroughs that not enough people are dying. But, that’s a separate issue

To me the obvious problem is consumerism.

We have become such a consumer society that each day our hunger for ‘more’ and ‘new’ has become outrageous. Our hankering for the ‘lastest’, ‘biggest’ and ‘fastest’ has driven our utilisation of resources beyond the levels of sustainable.

As a society our ethos has to change.

The existing paradigm is not working.

We are giving our kids the wrong message, they give their kids an even worse message, the problem is exacerbated with every generation.

Read a great message on: Stiff Kitten’s Blog a definition of what we have become.

Think about the useless products that are created that people don't need. If you can't crack an egg, stay out of the kitchen

With each new product, we have production increases, more materials used, more pollution, more problems with transport, more and more we find ourselves in the predicament of how do we dispose of the extra rubbish generated. The trash is the packaging and the the advertising. The advertising is polluting our media and the internet, sign boards are polluting our vision, light is polluting our skies, so that we can’t even see the stars at night in the cities. Then there is the dilemma of the disposal of outdated products and worn out components.

Society has to change. We have got to control our cravings. Our mentality is totally screwed up.

The scale of consumerism is closely linked to corporate greed. The corporations want to make more money, so they make more products; to sell the products they have to brainwash the consumer into needing them. The cycle is vicious and never-ending.

It is essential that we tackle consumerism before population control. We have to get the dog back in control of its tail.



Make you Fink on Friday

Full of products that we don't really need

One of the things that really makes me mad is that the world is full of products junk that we don’t really need.

We don’t think about it. We have been moulded into a consumer society.

Who benefits?

Not you, not me, not the supermarkets, not the manufacturers, it’s the corporations that benefit.

And, who are the corporations?

They are the 1% that the Occupy Wall Streeters are about.

Zuccotti Park, New York

That’s why I support the OWS, it’s why you should too.

You know you can enter the fray, yes, every one of us can, without ever setting a foot near Zuccotti Park.

You can begin by taking the need for certain products away from the corporations; out of the supermarkets and into your own kitchen, garage  or backyard.

Think about this, and think about it seriously.

1000s of beauty products


“Oh, I need beauty care…”

Sure you go to the supermarket, the drugstore, the beauty shop in your local mall and you are faced with thousands of beauty products at exorbitant prices. Facials,  moisturisers, powders, lotions, cremes that go here and there for this and for that and they are all expensive. But women pay, they have to if they want to look beautiful.

Why do they have to? Because the corporations tell them they have to; that’s what advertising is all about… it’s nothing more than brainwashing.

How much does a punnet of strawberries cost?

Let’s look a little further; for the price of a punnet of strawberries you can make many of the products that you need for skin care.

Now how does strawberry tie to organic skin care?

First of all, it is a natural exfoliant. Its gentle acidic nature can take care of all those flaky dead cells on top of the skin. It’s salicylic acid is a good combatant for acne and black heads. Strawberry also has antiseptic and skin lighting properties.

Plus it has all those wonderful vitamins and antioxidants. And don’t forget folic acid, which is essential for healthy new cells! No wonder strawberry is such a star in the do it yourself skin care department. 

So how to go about making a strawberry mask?

It really is easy.  You don’t even need any special skills or tools. In fact, it’s so easy and cheap that I still don’t understand why would anybody go to an expensive salon and pay hundreds of dollars for a skin mask…

If you have oily skin, all you need is strawberry and a fork. Just mush it up and apply on your skin for 15 to 20 minutes. Than rinse with lukewarm water.

If your skin is dry, add sunflower oil to the mush (1:1). Leave the mask on your face for 15 – 20 minutes. (You can also use olive or corn oil).

Strawberry juice is a great skin lightener. It’s effective for freckles and other spots. Just squeeze the juice out of the berries, then using a cotton ball spread the juice on the face.

And here are a couple of slightly more elaborate recipes:

Mix 5 strawberries with 1 table spoon of milk and one tea spoon of honey. Blend it into a state of purée. Spread the mixture on your face for 15 to 20 minutes. Gently wash off with warm water using a cotton ball.

For dry skin you may also try mixing a few strawberries with one teaspoon of sour cream and one teaspoon honey. This is especially good for flaky skin.

You can also use cream (2-3 teaspoons) and milk (1 tbl spoon or so).

Source: Organic Makeup and Skin Care Check it out, more great ideas.

You want more?

How much does a fresh cucumber cost?

What about the humble cucumber…

Cucumber’s flesh is mostly water, but it also contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and caffeic acid – these nutrients help soothe skin irritations and reduce swelling. Which is the primary reason cucumber has been a “skin care” product since the beginning of time.

Read more here from the same source; you’ll be surprised at how much use the cucumber can be.

That’s just a couple of samples from one site. If you take your time and do a little research, I’m sure that you can find plenty of others, with other, different, more ideas.

We (mankind) don’t need all this corporate bullshit. We don’t need companies brainwashing us so that the CEOs and stockholders of corporations can get rich. We don’t need the 1% controlling our every purchase, need or desire.


You – yes, you; don’t look around behind you, I’m talking to YOU! You can retake control. and you don’t have to set foot in Zuccotti Park to battle the 1%.


Ban the crap for a better world

The same applies to much of our household requirements. Cleaners, soaps, toothpaste, detergents, insecticides, etc. They can all be made at home, cheaper, easier and without dangerous additives like fluoride, stearates and stuff like triclosan.

The answer is entirely in your hands…

Think about it!

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