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Make you Fink on Friday

Research studies report that there are as many as  287 industrial compounds, pollutants, and other chemicals found in the umbilical cords of newborn babies.  How sad that our babies are contaminated and biologically aged before we hold them in our arms for the first time!    Here is the risk break down of the chemicals found:

-180 of these chemicals are know to cause cancer in humans

217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system

208 cause developmental problems

Is it any wonder that the cancer rate in America is 1 in every 2 males, 1 in every 3 females and that Autism is striking 1 in every 88 children?  WAKE UP!

The Presidents Cancer Panel study conducted by NIH in 2008-2009 says this:

Page 129 – In addition to exposures that directly or indirectly damage DNA, evidence suggests that some environmental agents may initiate or promote cancer by disrupting normal immune and endocrine system functions. The burgeoning number and complexity of known or suspected environmental carcinogens compel us to act to protect public health, even though we may lack irrefutable proof of harm.

Did you catch that?  Exposures that DIRECTLY and INDIRECTLY damage DNA?

Page 111 – It is vitally important to recognize that children are far more susceptible to damage from environmental carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting compounds than adults. To the extent possible, parents and child care providers should choose foods, house and garden products, play spaces, toys, medicines, and medical tests that will minimize children’s exposure to toxins.  Ideally, both mothers and fathers should avoid exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals and known or suspected carcinogens prior to a child’s conception and throughout pregnancy and early life, when risk of damage is greatest.

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Our children are contaminated before they are born. What chance does the human race have?

The governments know, but they bow to the pressure of the corporations to secure funding so that they can continue to make arsehole decisions.

People, we have to get these power hungry bastards out of government.

Monday Moaning

Chemical defects ‘last generations’

Genetic changes may be passed down the generations

Scientists believe they have shown exposure to certain chemicals in the womb can cause changes that are passed through generations.

There is no firm evidence of this in humans, but Washington State University research showed a clear effect in rats.

They isolated defects linked to kidney and ovary disease and even obesity.

The work implicates a class of chemicals found in certain plastics, as well as one found in jet fuel.

The idea of “epigenetics” – that parents do not just pass their genes to their children, but subtle differences in the way those genes operate – is one of the fastest growing areas of scientific study.

The work of Dr Michael Skinner centres around the effects that certain chemicals can have on these processes, if the female is exposed at key points during pregnancy.

So far they have documented measureable effects from a host of environmental pollutants including pesticides, fungicides, dioxins and hydrocarbons.

However, they stress that the results are not directly transferable to humans yet, as the levels of chemicals used on the rats were many times more concentrated than anything a person would experience in normal life.

There is no data on even how an animal would respond at different doses, and no clues as to how the chemicals are causing these changes.

Environmental impacts

The studies, published in the journals PLoS One and Reproductive Toxicology, looked at the impact of phthalates, chemicals found in some forms of plastics, and a substance called JP8, found in jet fuel.

Rats exposed to phthalates had offspring with higher rates of kidney and prostate disease, and their great-grandchildren had more disease of the testicles, ovaries and obesity.

Female rats exposed to the hydrocarbon JP8 at the point in pregnancy when their male foetuses were developing gonads had babies with more prostate and kidney abnormalities, and their great-grandchildren had reproductive anomalies, polycystic ovary disease and obesity.

Dr Skinner said: “Your great-grandmother’s exposures during pregnancy may cause disease in you, while you had no exposure.

“This is a non-genetic form of inheritance not involving DNA sequence, but environmental impacts on DNA chemical modifications.

“This is the first study to show the epigenetic transgenerational inheritance of disease such as obesity.”

Andreas Kortenkamp, professor of human toxicology at Brunel University, said the results were “potentially very interesting”, but much more work would need to be carried out before any impact on humans could be considered.

He said: “This is an exploratory study, but the authors themselves are clear that the data do not allow the possible risk to people to be assessed.”

“There is a currently a lack of information about the dose-response relationship, and at this stage we are very unsure about the mechanisms that are involved.”



It appears that we are all nothing but guinea pigs for industry and agriculture.

They admit they don’t know, but at the same time they can’t rule these changes out.

Every year we are being exposed to more and more harmful substances and nobody knows if they are harmful or not. When they find out, it is already too late.

With this report it maybe that we have changed the human DNA, these changes maybe irreversible, they may actually now be a part of our future. The future is here, NOW! And it doesn’t look good.


Monday Moaning

Mary Shelly may well have been closer than she thought when she wrote Frankenstein’s Monster.

Modifying Human Embryos to Thwart Disease Weighed in U.K.

Should parents concerned about passing on genetic diseases to their children be allowed to swap DNA with a donor’s?

A  U.K.  regulatory agency is posing the question to the public starting today as the government explores whether to allow genetic modification of human embryos to prevent some diseases. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, or HFEA, will report findings to the Department of Health in March, the agency said in a statement today.

The procedure, which isn’t available in the  U.S. , involves transferring healthy nuclear DNA from one fertilized human egg with unhealthy mitochondrial DNA to a donor embryo with disease- free mitochondria. The approach may prevent genetic disorders such as learning disabilities, heart disease and diabetes. Serious forms of mitochondrial disease affect one in every 6,500 children.

“This is uncharted territory,” Lisa Jardine, chairwoman of the HFEA, told reporters in London last week. “Once we have genetic modification, we have to be damn sure that we are happy. It’s about many generations down the line what the consequences might be.”

In the U.K., the procedure, known as mitochondrial replacement, is legal in the laboratory, though the resulting embryos can’t be implanted in women.

Family Dynamics

The consultation will gauge how the public views the treatment ethically, Jardine said. It raises questions about the legal status of women who donate their eggs, as well as how it will affect family dynamics between the child, parents and donor, she said.

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Now I am feeling damned uncomfortable about this.

We have messed with nature for centuries, but nothing like we are currently doing. Some stuff has been good, but other stuff has produced catastrophic results because we basically don’t know what we’re doing.

Just because we can do it, doesn’t mean we have to.

While the idea of ‘genetically correct’ children may be appealing to some, we have absolutely no idea what the consequences down the line will be.

Talk about opening Pandora’s Box.

Monsanto messed with plant genes, now we have plants that we can’t get rid of. What if we create indestructible children? Or monsters of another form.

The whole idea is just plain scary!

When one plays with fire, one will get burned.

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