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Change the World Wednesday – 12 Feb

Too hot for coffee

Too hot for coffee

I’m here, just.

I’m late, and I have no idea what I am going to write.

It’s too hot, and too late for coffee to be of any help.

I am just back on the net, one hour.

Read the post I am Tired and Bitchy for a rundown on the last 17 hours.

Yes, it was a disaster.




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On with this weeks CTWW.

Last week’s challenge on food wastage, is a real challenge for everybody, I know, for me it is a constant battle.

This week, consider that one, green-living practice which you haven’t quite gotten to and … just do it! Take that first step, and give it a try!

OR …

If you’ve accomplished it all, please tell us about your most difficult, green task and how you overcame the obstacles.

The only really green practices that I am shy off are those involving cars, I don’t have one.

Then there is the Farmers Market issues, without the freedom of transport I can’t do as I would wish in that respect. Oh, I would love to.

Brazil just doesn't 'do' farmer's markets

Brazil just doesn’t ‘do’ farmer’s markets – Image: Boston

We do have weekly feiras (street markets) in many areas, including one on a Friday less than a mile away uphill from home. But the produce is not direct from the farm, it comes from the same cooperative that supplies the supermarkets and fruit and vege shops. There’s nothing ‘straight from the organic farm’ about it; and in the last couple of years their prices have been all but the same as other places. So it’s all rather pointless.

So there is very little that remains that I don’t practice once way or another, or as well as I would like.

I certainly don’t consider that I have accomplished it all, so I can’t tell you how I have overcome the obstacles.

There is one thing I can do. There is a dairy farm down Estrada Cachamorra that sells fresh milk. It’s more expensive than ‘boxed white crap’ and the bus fare there and back almost doubles the price. But I believe that fresh, unpasteurised milk is healthier.

I’ll give it a try. I am hoping that they’ll deliver.

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