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Change the World Wednesday – 19th Sep

Oh no, headache.

I don’t get them often, but when I do, they’re beauts. First coffee didn’t help much; water is on for more.

Last week I continued to NOT buy stuff in plastic at the supermarket where possible but in the end I failed, I succumbed to temptation. You can read about that in the UPDATE to the CTWW post. While it wasn’t such a transgression as to send me rushing off to confess on Sunday, it did sort of take the edge of the challenge.

After my Moan on Monday about tampering with genetics & DNA in humans, CelloMom mentioned the film Gattaca, I am downloading it now, it’s slow because it is competing with bandwidth for several episodes of Gabriela, a fantastic Brazilian series. I read the synopsis and it’s a powerful message that we shouldn’t tamper with things we don’t know about, even though we think we do; the results could be catastrophic.

Second coffee, and the world is looking rosier.

This week’s CTWW challenge on Reduce Footprints is a chance for ‘soul searching.’

I’m not good at this, mainly because I am biased. It’s a bit like a father saying his daughter is so lovely, when in fact she is a candidate for one of the ugly stepsisters. It’s difficult to be objective, especially about oneself.

This week, perform a SWOT analysis (modified for green living). Looking at your own green living efforts, analyze the following:

S = Strengths
    (your own strengths)
W = Weaknesses
    (again your own)
O = Opportunities
    (external factors that might allow you to be even greener)
T = Threats
    (external factors that threaten your green living)
And then …
Report back with your results. Did the analysis surprise you? Will you be making any changes based on the results? We’d like to know all!

That’s heavy.

My strengths – The desire to make the world better, I really want to because I can see so much wrong in the way we are doing things. Things I watch for at home and successfully adhere to; water usage, power, usage of bad chemicals around the home, growing a few things, unnecessary paper products, recycling everything that can be.

My weaknesses – I am human, that in itself is a failing. I enjoy ‘easy.’ I must confess that ‘easy’ doesn’t always involve ‘green’ thinking, however, I get twinges of guilt that set me back on track at times. While I try, I am not perfect.

Opportunities – These abound, although we rarely see them. More supermarkets are offering alternatives to the plastic bag, but how many really avail themselves of the idea? I have, when I see it as convenient, but that is not all the time (see my weaknesses above).

Threats – Are presented at every turn in our day to day living. Everything today has plastic, whether part of the product or the packaging. I see that as a threat, and it’s difficult to escape from. This I consider to be the biggest threat to any effort to be green. Advertising is a threat.

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