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A Royal Rattles the Bars

Prince Charles attacks global warming sceptics

Prince uses speech at St James’s Palace to single out ‘confirmed sceptics’ and environmentally unfriendly businesses

Prince Charles: ‘We can’t wait until we are absolutely sure the patient is dying.’ Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA

The Prince of Wales has criticised “corporate lobbyists” and climate change sceptics for turning the earth into a “dying patient”, in his most outspoken attack yet on the world’s failure to tackle global warming.

He attacked businesses who failed to care for the environment, and compared the current generation to a doctor taking care of a critically ill patient.

“If you think about the impact of climate change, [it should be how] a doctor would deal with the problem,” he told an audience of government ministers, from the UK and abroad, as well as businesspeople and scientists. “A scientific hypothesis is tested to absolute destruction, but medicine can’t wait. If a doctor sees a child with a fever, he can’t wait for [endless] tests. He has to act on what is there.”

He added: “The risk of delay is so enormous that we can’t wait until we are absolutely sure the patient is dying.”

Hosting a two-day conference for forest scientists at St James’s Palace in London, the heir to the throne – who is taking over from the Queen at this year’s meeting of the Commonwealth in Sri Lanka – savagely satirised those who stand in the way of swift action on the climate.

He characterised them as “the confirmed sceptics” and “the international association of corporate lobbyists”. Faced with these forces of opposition, “science finds itself up the proverbial double blind gum tree”, he said.

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Monday Moaning

We have known for 75 years, and still we do NOTHING!

Yes, we knew in 1938!

How the burning of fossil fuels was linked to a warming world in 1938

This month marks the 75th anniversary of Guy Callendar’s landmark scientific paper on anthropogenic climate change

English engineer Guy Stewart Callendar who expanded on the work Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius and developed the theory called Callendar effect that linked rising carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere to global temperature. Photograph: University of East Anglia Archives

Seventy-five years ago this month an amateur weather-watcher from West Sussex published a landmark paper in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society directly linking the burning of fossil fuels to the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Guy Callendar was a successful steam engineer by trade, but in his spare time he was a keen meteorologist. In April 1938, his paper, “The artificial production of carbon dioxide and its influence on temperature”, which built on the earlier work of John Tyndall and Svante Arrhenius, was published with little fanfare or impact. It was only in the proceeding decades that the true significance of his conclusions would be heralded.

To mark the anniversary, two modern-day climatologists have published a co-authored paper (pdf) in the same journal celebrating not just his legacy, but also illustrating with modern techniques and data just how accurate Callendar’s calculations proved to be.

Dr Ed Hawkins of the University of Reading’s National Centre for Atmospheric Science, who co-authored the paper with Prof Phil Jones at the University of East Anglia, describes why Callendar is so significant to the development of climate science:

In hindsight, Callendar’s contribution was fundamental. He is still relatively unknown, but in terms of the history of climate science, his paper is a classic. He was the first scientist to discover that the planet had warmed by collating temperature measurements from around the globe, and suggested that this warming was partly related to man-made carbon dioxide emissions…People were sceptical about some of Callendar’s results, partly because the build-up of CO2 in the atmosphere was not very well known and because his estimates for the warming caused by CO2 were quite simplistic by modern standards. It was only in the 1950s, when improved instruments showed more precisely how water and CO2 absorbed radiation, that we reached a better understanding of its importance. Scientists at the time also couldn’t really believe that humans could impact such a large system as the climate – a problem that climate science still encounters from some people today, despite the compelling evidence to the contrary.

Hawkins has also written a blog post about his new Callendar paper, which delves deeper into why Callendar’s findings were not immediately acted upon, or even discussed until decades later:

Doubts in the role of CO2 remained, partly because the world did not warm further – in fact land temperatures fell slightly until around 1975, before the warming resumed. This temperature plateau is very likely due to increased levels of particulates (or ‘aerosols’) in the atmosphere reflecting solar radiation back into space. Ironically, these aerosols are also the product of fossil fuel burning and strict regulations were imposed in the developed world on their emissions in the 1960s and 1970s which allowed the warming from carbon dioxide to emerge again. Aerosol emissions from the developing world may also have played a role in the temperature plateau since around 2000.

Here is the illustration produced by Hawkins and Jones to show how Callendar’s findings, published in 1938 and updated in 1961, match a modern-day temperature reconstruction (CRUTEM4) of global land temperatures for the period 1850-2010.

Comparing historical reconstructions of near-global land temperatures using CRUTEM4 (black, Jones et al. 2012) with Callendar (1938) (red) and Callendar (1961) (blue), using a reference period of 1880-1935. The CRUTEM4 estimates are for 60◦S-60◦N (to accord with Callendar’s series), with grey shading representing the 95% uncertainty. Image: Ed Hawkins and Phil D. Jones

Callendar’s original paper can be read in full online. Of particular interest – beyond his workings, of course – is the peer-review “discussion” at the end between various professors and Callendar. You really get the sense that Callendar was viewed as a naïve amateur in this field, which possibly contributed to why his conclusions weren’t fully absorbed until the 1960s.



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It just goes to show that governments don’t care! Or, are completely in cahoots with corporations.

Until there is a dramatic change in political circles, nothing will change.

It is up to each and every one of you to make your votes count, get these corrupt bastards out of government.

If you vote Republican or Democrat, you are to blame for this procrastination!


Monday Moaning

Climate change isn’t only affecting things on the ground, but up in the air as well.

Climate change will lead to bumpier flights, say scientists

The shifting of the jet stream over Europe caused by global warming will lead to clear-air turbulence

Flights have become bumpier in the past 44 years, and are set to get worse as climate change affects the jet stream, a study has shown. Photograph: Pictorial Parade/Getty Images

Climate change will lead to bumpier flights caused by increased mid-air turbulence, according to an analysis by scientists of the impact of global warming on weather systems over the next four decades.

The increasing air turbulence results from the impact of climate change on the jet streams, the fast, mile-wide winds that whistle round the planet at the same altitude as airliners. The shifting of the jet stream over Europe has also been blamed for the UK’s wash-out summer in 2012 and frozen spring this year.

The rough ride ahead joins other unexpected impacts of climate change, which include dodgier wi-fi and mobile phone signals and even slower marathon race times for athletes.

Paul Williams, at the University of Reading who led the new research, said: “Air turbulence does more than just interrupt the service of in-flight drinks. It injures hundreds of passengers and aircrew every year. It also causes delays and damages planes, with the total cost to society being about £100m each year.”

The study, which used the same turbulence models that air traffic controllers use every day, found that the frequency of turbulence on the many flights between Europe and North America will double by 2050 and its intensity increase by 10-40%.

“Rerouting flights to avoid stronger patches of turbulence could increase fuel consumption and carbon emissions, make delays at airports more common, and ultimately push up ticket prices,” said Williams.

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Us mere mortals simply have no idea about the extent and ramifications of climate change.

Neither do the corporations and industries, and they don’t even care.

What will happen if air travel becomes nonviable? And we can’t just flit off to Miami or Hawaii for our holidays.

No living person has experienced the changes that we are having at the moment. Our knowledge comes from fossil records and historical anecdotes.

We don’t know what to expect, at the moment, there is this attitude of “Just ignore it, it’ll go away!” It won’t, ‘just go away’, it’s here and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better; and we’d better get used to that idea.

Are we heading for a new ice-age? If so, there’s not enough fuel or electricity in the world to keep us warm, some of us are going to freeze.

Is the opposite about to happen? If the planet heats up and creates more desserts, there’s not enough food to feed us all now, let alone in the future.

Either way, we’re deep in the shit!

Be prepared people, because people are going to die! And some of those who do, are reading this now.


Change the World Wednesday – 26th Sep

Yes, I know it’s Thursday, I’m a day late; and that doesn’t worry me one bit. I took the day off yesterday as a recovery measure; a combination of exhaustion and a very cold day. I didn’t even go to work.

The south of Brazil has been hit with snow and many have had the house roofs destroyed by wind and hail; they showed hailstones the size of golf balls on TV last night, house roofs looked as though they had been peppered by a huge shotgun. Many crops were decimated as well, as this is the primary zone for cool-temperate farming, so we can expect higher prices.

Tuesday night we were hit by a cold front. After an extremely mild – hot winter (hottest and driest in 40 years) here in Rio de Janeiro, in fact most of Brazil has suffered with very low humidity extremes. Last week/weekend (I’m not sure of the day now) in my part of the city we had 14% humidity, some of the world’s deserts are more humid. Officially now we are in Spring, and the weather has decided to be winter. We went from a hot summer’s weekend (39/40°C) to winter temperatures (15/19°C) in the space of  24 hours.

Weird weather, unseasonable changes, extremes… Now tell me there is no such thing as global warming. I’m not apportioning the blame here, just saying it’s here.

Botijão de gás

My kitchen gas just ran out. Luckily, the water had boiled to make coffee, so it wasn’t quite the disaster it could have been. I was rather pleased, I had anticipated the gas would quit sometime in August, and here we are at the end of September; that’s five months from one gas bottle for all my oven heat. A bottle of gas costs about R$39 (currently that’s about USD2o).

I always buy a spare the month after I change the botijão. Most Brazilians don’t do that. Their gas runs out and they have to ring and wait for a delivery, usually about a half hour. Then there is the problem that most Brazilians don’t have money for that eventuality and have to wait for the next pay day.

On with the challenge. Actually this isn’t much of a challenge for me, because most things I don’t even have.

Life is so much less complicated here in Brazil, which is one of the reasons I love it here.

This week, if you are moving into Autumn, choose one task from this LIST and accomplish it. Of course, we’d like to hear all about it.


Or …

If you are moving into Spring, choose a task from this POST. Again, we’d like to know what you chose to do and how you did it.


Or …

If none of those activities appeal to you, choose a previous challenge from the list HERE. And yep … tell us about it!

Well, I have to look at the second option, because we’re heading into spring.

  • I don’t spring clean – check
  • I don’t even have a closet to clean out, and I don’t have things to throw out – check
  • No smoke detectors, so no batteries – check
  • No air filters – check
  • Spring garden and compost – check
  • No landscaping – check
  • Walk, I don’t walk, I hobble where possible – check
  • No drier, so clothes are always dried outside – check
  • No air blower, Brazilians use water, I use a yard broom – check
  • No grass, no mower – check
  • No ceiling fan, I use two portable ones, need cleaning – check
  • No fireplace, no damper to close – check

So after all that, my total contribution will be to clean both fans. Like I said, life is so much simpler here.

Have a great week everyone.


Monday Moaning

Warning: This is a Rant! “They will infect your soul, curve your spine and stop the country winning the war!” – George Carlin

Don’t just dismiss this as a rant and not worth reading. If you care about the environment, if you consider yourself ‘green’, then this is of vital interest to you.

Recently (past few years) there have been many snippets pointing to things like “Dumbing of America,” “corporations controlling the mainstream media,” “governments and agencies lying,” “the discrediting of science and scientists by agencies,” etc. The ‘etc’ means many many other aspects of keeping the people stupid. We have to face reality and the mainstream media won’t give us the information.

I have commented on them piecemeal in this blog and it’s predecessor, the original Eco-Crap and also on Shit Happens and its predecessor. Both of which were shut down without explanation from Google.

Heartland Institute propaganda, paid for with your money

But just in the last week some serious evidence and accusations have been made. Canada muzzling its scientists, Heartland Institute documents leaked, and just yesterday an article in The Guardian about outright attacks on the veracity of the scientific communities; Attacks paid for by big business are ‘driving science into a dark era’.

All this is something that I have gradually read and formed my opinions on what is happening on a worldwide scenario.

I am going to post some excerpts from The Guardian article, you can go and read the rest fully.

“Last week Nina Fedoroff, the president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), broke ranks in a spectacular manner.

She confessed that she was now “scared to death” by the anti-science movement that was spreading, uncontrolled, across the US and the rest of the western world.”

Affecting the whole world

Here you have the president of the AAAS raising the issue. A person of this stature does not make idle guesses.

“set against a background of an entire intellectual discipline that realises that it, and its practitioners, are now under sustained attack.”

The scientific community as a whole feel the threats, it is not just the opinion of one person.

“university and government researchers are hounded for arguing that rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are changing the climate. Their emails are hacked while Facebook campaigns call for their dismissal from their posts, calls that are often backed by rightwing politicians. At the last Republican party debate in Florida, Rick Santorum insisted he should be the presidential nominee simply because he had cottoned on earlier than his rivals Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney to the “hoax” of global warming.”

Santorum's infallible reasoning

Right wing politicians obviously are the enemy, with Santorum boasting that he was the first, what an asshole. Santorum is believing the bullshit, and ignoring scientific evidence, which is absolutely typical of your Bible bashhers and the very reason why they should be kept as far from politics as possible.

We spent 500 years getting religion out of politics for a very good reason.

“These institutions [inc Heartland Institute], acting as covers for major energy corporations, are responsible for the onslaught that has deeply lowered the reputation of science in many people’s minds in America. This has come in the form of personal attacks on the reputations of scientists and television adverts that undermine environment laws.”

Paid and funded by those whose industries and interests will be hurt by the truth.

“the decision by the United States supreme court to overrule the law that allowed the federal government to place limits on independent spending for political purposes by business corporations.”

The greatest criminal decision made against the electoral system.

Mainstream Media

“methods used by corporate businesses to attack their targets: harassing individual scientists, ghost-writing scientific articles to raise doubts about government research, and undermining the use of science to form government policy.”

Blocking science from reporting to the people.

“should be based on the advice of experts who have carried out robust and rigorous analysis of the evidence, or if they should be guided by lobbyists who appear driven by narrow ideological dogma.”

Should we believe the truth, or the bullshit by the vested interests that appears in the mainstream media?

“massive organised attempts to undermine scientific data by people for whom that data represents a threat to their status quo.”

Science is being dominated by those whose only interest in money at whatever the cost to humanity and the planet.

The world and humanity are on a very dangerous course.

Too close to Christmas to be serious

Saturday Satire

Saturday Satire

Make you Fink on Friday

WARNING: graphic images

Everybody has heard about global warming. It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. It doesn’t matter whether you think it is ‘man-made’ or not.

It is happening.


Glaciers are receding all over the world. The polar ice-caps are shrinking. The oceans are getting warmer.

Whether or not man is responsible the effects of global warming are reaching catastrophic levels. Various aspects of the flora and fauna of this little planet are changing, changing quickly and irrevocably.

I have real doubts that man is solely responsible for the current situation of the warming of the planet, but I have no doubt that we are exacerbating the natural occurrence. I also have grave doubts that anything we do now is too little, too late; far too late. We can have conferences, meetings, protests all we want but the future has already been decided by forces greater than us and well beyond our control.

When you read of changes like this week, that show clearly the misery that is to become our legacy. Changes that are changing the very face of nature:

Polar bear ‘cannibalism’

It is an image that is sure to shock many people.

An adult polar bear is seen dragging the body of a cub that it has just killed across the Arctic sea ice.

Polar bears normally hunt seals but if these are not available, the big predators will seek out other sources of food – even their own kind.

The picture was taken by environmental photojournalist Jenny Ross in Olgastretet, a stretch of water in the Svalbard archipelago.

“This type of intraspecific predation has always occurred to some extent,” she told BBC News.

“However, there are increasing numbers of observations of it occurring, particularly on land where polar bears are trapped ashore, completely food-deprived for extended periods of time due to the loss of sea ice as a result of climate change.”

The journalist was relating the story behind her pictures here at the 2011 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, the largest annual gathering of Earth scientists.

A paper describing the kill event in July 2010 has just been published in the journal Arctic. It is co-authored with Dr Ian Stirling, a polar bear biologist from Environment Canada.

Ross had approached the adult in a boat. She could see through her telephoto lens that the animal had a meal, but it was only when she got up close that she realised it was a juvenile bear.

The kill method used by the adult was exactly the same as polar bears use on seals – sharp bites to the head.

“As soon as the adult male became aware that a boat was approaching him, he basically stood to attention – he straddled the young bear’s body, asserting control over it and conveying ‘this is my food’,” the journalist recalled.

“He then picked up the bear in his jaws and, just using the power of his jaws and his neck, transported it from one floe to another. And eventually, when he was a considerable distance away, he stopped and fed on the carcass.”

Ross said there was another bear in the area and she speculated that it might have been the mother of the dead juvenile.

Olgastretet is a passage of water that divides the two main islands of Svalbard. Traditionally, it has been an area that has stayed ice-covered throughout the year.

But the recent dramatic retreat of Arctic sea ice in summer months has seen open water appear in the area for extended periods.

And without their customary platform on which to hunt seals, bears have gone looking for alternative sources of food, says Ross.

“On land, they’re looking for human garbage and human foods; they’re starting to prey on seabirds and their eggs.

“None of those alternative foods can support them, but they are seeking them out.

“Predating another bear is a way to get food; it’s probably a relatively easy way for a big adult male. And it seems that because of the circumstances of the loss of sea ice – that kind of behaviour may be becoming more common.”

Source: BBC News

And on the other side of the pole…

The moment cannibal polar bear eats baby cub

Grisly: The large male polar bear was spotted eating a cub in northern Canada last month

A group of tourists were left horrified when they came across the grisly sight of a polar bear eating a cub in northern Canada.

The large male adult bear had separated the baby from its mother and killed it in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, in northern Manitoba, close to Hudson Bay.

Witnesses were left shaken and tearful after the incident.

According to scientists, eight cases of mature male polar bears eating cubs have been reported this year in Churchill. Four cases were reported to Manitoba Conservation and four to Environment Canada.

Tour guide John Gunter said: ‘A big male polar bear separated a young cub from its mother and had its way with the cub.

‘But the whole time, while that mother polar bear watched and witnessed, and actually after the big bears left, she still tried to take care of it.’

One theory for the cannibalism is that climate change is melting the bears’ Arctic hunting grounds, forcing them to survive on land for longer and hence leading the starving animals to turn on their own for food.

Source: Mail-Online Read more

Admittedly, these are the current ‘horror stories’ of the week. But they demonstrate graphically that the world is changing, whether we want to admit it or not; whether man is at fault or not. We cannot turn our backs on this kind of evidence.

If we care to extrapolate this scenario along lines that have been suggested scientifically; that the current global warming is possibly connected to a coming ice-age. Different sources have predicted everything from a ‘mini’ affair (like the one in the middle-ages about 1350), to a full blown freeze that could wipe out 90% of the life on the planet. Scientific findings have determined that we are overdue for a doozy like the one that gave us woolly mammoths. The terrible thing is it could happen so quickly and there’s not enough energy resources on the planet to keep even the 1% warm, talk about ‘freezing their funds’.

There remains the questions…


How much of the globe will be effected?

How severe will the food shortage be?

And, the million dollar question… Will we be the next polar bears driven to desperation by hunger?

Game over


The genie is out of the bottle…


There’s no putting him back!

Who says, “There’s No Global Warming?”

A couple of days ago I wrote a post ‘Ostriches’ in which it is claimed that more than half Americans don’t believe in global warming or it’s consequences. I guess it’s not only Americans but probably if you canvassed the world you’d find similar.

Maybe some just don’t believe it is man made.

Whatever, I found this article of great interest on the subject, whether man-made or not, and i am certain that this is not just a phenomenon in the UK, but rather global:

UK trees’ fruit ripening ’18 days earlier’

The exact cause for why the fruiting season has advanced so much remains unknown

Britain’s native trees are producing ripe fruit, on average, 18 days earlier than a decade ago, probably as a result of climatic shifts, a study reveals.

It shows that acorns are ripening 13 days earlier, while rowan berries are ready to eat nearly a month earlier.

Experts warn that one consequence could be that animals’ food reserves would become depleted earlier in the winter.

The findings were published by Nature’s Calendar, a data collection network co-ordinated by the Woodland Trust.

“Some of the changes are really quite big and quite surprising,” explained Tim Sparks, the trust’s nature adviser.

“This caused me to go back and look at the data again to make sure it was valid because even I did not believe it initially.”

Prof Sparks said Nature’s Calendar, formerly known as the UK Phenology Network, was established in 1998 to collect spring-time information.

“But the gap in data was in the autumn So, since about 2000, the scheme has also been collecting data on things such as fruit ripening dates, leaf colour change and fall dates, and the last birds seen,” he told BBC News.

“We now have 10 years worth of data that can look at and identify changes.

“In terms of looking at the fruit-ripening dates and the thing that came out was that they all seem to have steadily advanced over the past decade.”

Disruption concerns

Prof Sparks, from Coventry University, observed: “Rowan was the big one as it seemed to have advanced by nearly a month over the course of a decade.”

He added that it was still uncertain what the ecological consequences of the advances would mean.

“Anything that changes out of synchronicity is likely to cause disruption,” he said.

“What the actual consequences will be is slightly harder to work out. In this particular case, if all of this fruit is ripe earlier, and if all the mammals and birds are eating it earlier, what are they going to be feeding on during the rest of the winter?

“In terms of feeding birds, you have big flocks of thrushes coming down from Scandinavia and feeding on berry crops in Britain, and they tend to do that after they have exhausted the supply of berries in Scandinavia.

“You get these periods when hedges are being stripped bare, but the birds are going to have to do that earlier because that is when the fruit is ripe.”

Although phenological records have shown that the arrival of spring is also advancing, Prof Sparks said it was “still a bit of a mystery” why the ripe-fruit dates had advanced over the past decade.

He suggested: “There is a very strong correlation between these ripening dates and April temperatures, and that might be a result of flowering dates – it might just be that warmer springs result in earlier flowering dates, and subsequently result in earlier ripening.

“But it might be a result of more sunshine; longer, warmer summers and therefore earlier ripening.

“So the exact mechanisms really are still a bit of a mystery. We know it is happening, but we are uncertain why.”

Source: BBC News Read the rest.


So it is happening whether you believe it or not and for whatever reason. Which makes my title of the previous post more apt; Ostriches – head in the sand, can’t see anything.

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