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Monday Moaning

This is about Hawaii.

But it’s also about the rest of the world.

The Ghost in the GMO Machine

While independent research shows that Chlorpyrifos, a Dow Chemical insecticide used in Kaua‘i’s GMO fields, can cause significant harm to children nearby, Dow is intent on convincing the EPA otherwise.

The bodies and minds of children living on the Hawaiian island of Kaua‘i are being threatened by exposure to chlorpyrifos, a synthetic insecticide that is heavily sprayed on fields located near their homes and schools.

For decades, researchers have been publishing reports about children who died or were maimed after exposure to chlorpyrifos, either in the womb or after birth. While chlorpyrifos can no longer legally be used around the house or in the garden, it is still legal to use on the farm. But researchers are finding that children aren’t safe when the insecticide is applied to nearby fields.

Like a ghost drifting through a child’s bedroom window, the airborne insecticide can settle on children’s skin, clothes, toys, rugs, and furnishings.

In fact, it’s likely that the only people who needn’t worry about exposure to chlorpyrifos are adults living far from the fields in which it is sprayed. That includes civil servants who work for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which regulates the stuff, and executives with Dow Chemical, the company that manufactures it.

In a regulatory process known as re-registration, the EPA will decide in 2015 whether it still agrees that chlorpyrifos is safe for farming, or whether it will order a complete ban, as Earthjustice, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Pesticide Action Network have demanded in lawsuits filed in 2007 and in 2014.

Dow has long insisted that its chlorpyrifos products are safe, despite tens of thousands of reports of acute poisoning and multiple studies linking low-level exposures to children with lower IQ. The company also has a long history—going back decades—of concealing from the public the many health problems it knew were linked to chlorpyrifos.

In 1995, the EPA found that Dow had violated federal law by covering up its knowledge of these health problems for years. In 2004, then-New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer found that Dow had been lying about the known dangers of the pesticide in its advertising for nearly as long. Together, the EPA and the State of New York have levied fines against the company approaching $3 million.

On Kaua‘i, subsidiaries of four transnational chemical companies—Dow Chemical, DuPont, Syngenta, and BASF—spray chlorpyrifos and several other potent pesticides to protect their experimental genetically engineered crops (GMOs) against a wide variety of bugs and weeds. Because of the heavy pesticide use, Kaua‘i’s GMO testing fields are among the most toxic chemical environments in all of American agriculture. The island, with its precious ecosystems and diverse wildlife, seems particularly ill-suited to be a laboratory for such experiments.

Source: Cascadia Times Read more


Makes me sick that these companies are allowed to continue to manipulate and thwart the regulatory system.

Sure they are censored and fined… But how about some of these decision makers going to bloody jail?

When are the government going to start protecting the people?

Satireday on Eco-Crap

GMO Beer


A dream realised

If they GMOed this, maybe, just maybe, I could warm to Monsanto…


Monday Moaning

deadplanetearthWhy must we do it?

Why must we continually threaten the planet?

Almost everything man does in the wake of 20th century technology has a price, and that price is the destruction of our planet.

When are we finally going to wake up?

The answer is simple, NEVER!

At least not until it’s too damned late and we are the last species living on a non-productive dirt ball.

The rich have this insatiable need to get richer and to hell with the consequences; the governments have this insatiable need to conquer and dominate and to hell with the consequences.

Yesterday I read an article in The Guardian that says thatM&S, Co-op and Sainsbury’s say chickens will be fed on GM soya

As three more supermarkets drop their bans, the industry is accused of caving in to cartels and GM food giants”

The RSPB says the number of birds affected by the spill has now reached 4,000 – image: BBC News

Today I read in an article in BBC News that “Shipping chemical ‘unsafe for birds'” and it is legal under maritime law to discharge the chemical into the sea.

It is the chemical polyisobutene (PIB) that has been responsible for the sticky deaths of 4,000 seabirds on the shores of Britain.

PIB is chemical is used as a lubricant in ships’ engines, but not only, it is also used in chewing gum, cosmetics, adhesives and sealants.

We are going from bad to worse.

With the latest decision by major supermarkets you won’t be able to buy a GM Free chicken in Britain, unless you buy from a free range farmer.

If PIB is killing seabirds, what’s it doing to the fish we eat?

PIB is considered low risk and non-toxic, but the same source says limited information. In other words… We don’t really know!

Is it killing them, or simply contaminating them so they enter our food chain?

During the week also I read about ‘Super Wheat’ 15% greater yield, resistant to fungus, will be available within two years. Has this been tested for suitability for human consumption, will it ever be until it is foisted on us all in our daily bread as guinea pigs?

AH, who cares?

GMO Labelling

If GMO labeling were mandated, 90% of the foods in this pantry would not be here!

“Qui transtulit sustinet” or “He who is transplanted still sustains”. This is the motto of the great state of Connecticut. Perhaps the motto should be changed to “Foods which are genetically modified still remain.” Thanks to the recent events eviscerating HB 5117, An Act Concerning Genetically Engineered Foods, the bill may be alive but no longer requires the labeling of GE foods. As of last night, the labeling provision was removed.

90% Ignored!

The battle to mandate GMO labeling in the state of Connecticut looked very promising. 90% of the CT residents polled supported mandatory GMO labeling. Early vote counts within the legislature showed the majority of legislators were in favor of this bill. However, with this action the legislators have clearly demonstrated that what Connecticut residents want does not matter.

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Monday Moaning

This is Danio rerio a lovely peaceful tropical aquarium fish.

That is until the Japanese scientists got a hold of it.

The Zebra Danio (Danio rerio) or the Zebrafish

Now it is a frankenfish.

The ‘glofish’ is a genetically modified Zebra Danio, bred with a natural fluorescence gene to make it glow in the dark.

The cause was apparently noble, but mixing and messing with genes of any creature is not noble.

The ‘glofish’ have since become aquarium fish, sold in brightly coloured hues with exotic names; starfire red, electric green, sunburst orange, cosmic blue and galactic purple.

New Zealand has just had a battle after approval was mistakenly given to import ‘dyed’ fish and they turned out to be ‘glofish’. The original lot was 210 fish, but the Ministry of Ag and Fish have already destroyed 300; so they breed.

But having pretty little fish in your aquarium is not the end of the story.

Glow in the dark sushi made from genetically modified fish becomes the latest food craze to hit America

Sushi that glows in the dark has become the latest must try food craze across America.

Inspired by genetically modified fish first bred for scientific research, a video showing how to make the glowing sushi has become a huge hit online.

The recipes use glofish, a brand of genetically modified (GM) fluorescent zebrafish sold by Yorktown Technologies, which are available to buy in pet shops.

Source: MailOnLine Read more

Yes, you can get glow-in-the-dark sushi made from these genetically modified fish.

Now I love sushi, sashimi and makimonos, but there is no way I am going to knowingly put a GMO in my mouth, with or without wasabi.

The latest fad, ‘glofish’ has become the newest must-try.

I find the whole thing rather sad that we have to invent shit like this. It is another sign of the indulgent human race doing anything to have ‘fun’.

Will we never learn?

How long before these fish inter-breed with the original Danio rerio and dilute the species until there are no more original fish left. This is just another form of extinction.

Man in his endless search for diversion has no limits, no conscience, no brains!

Friday Night Horror Movie


The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

Take the time to watch this, it’s for all parents. It shows what’s happening to your kids. If you care, watch it.

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