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Not a CTWW Post – 25th Dec

Day off…

BBQ for ex and kids today.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

Not a CTWW Post, this is a Placebo

The apocalypse has arrived.

No Change the World Wednesday post on Reduce Footprints.

Small is taking her annual hiatus until the 20th January, so this is not a CTWW post, it’s a placebo.

Not for you, not for Small, IT’S FOR ME! I can’t do Humpday without a CTWW.

It’s true, every Wednesday I participate in CTWW, it becomes a routine, one gets used to it, then suddenly there’s this great big gaping hole in the middle of the week.

I need coffee!

Last week I got a new cabinet. It wasn’t from a store, and it wasn’t new. It was thrown out in the rubbish.

Most of the regulars to this blog will know that I rarely buy new furniture. Almost all the furniture in my house has been collected off the street, recycled and/or repurposed.


The cabinet on top is the one that I rescued last week, it is now the home for my glassware and bits.

With the exception of my hat and the glasses and stuff, nothing in that photo has been bought. It has all come from the street, (actually, the TV was given to me by my ex), even the plants. With a bit of imagination and a lot of necessity, magic can be worked.

While I do like the finer things in life, good coffee, wine and fine dining, my lifestyle is somewhat frugal. I can’t see the sense in spending a fortune in home furnishings, when with a bit of effort they can be free.

So, just an update from home this week.

Change the World Wednesday – 2nd Oct

uhoh humpdayYes, it’s Humpday!

CTWW is always on Humpday.

This morning, I woke up at 7, looked out the window and it started raining, so I went back to bed.

Only logical thing to do.

Got up two hours later, still raining. I fought the urge to go back to bed, luckily the need for fresh strong Brazilian coffee overcame the urge.

Cloro has bedlamed, breakfasted and peed in the right place, so I have a few minutes of peace and quiet in which I can CTWW while he does the snooze on my our his bed.

Most of you are/have been parents, you will recognise those moments of bliss when baby finally falls asleep after a morning of mayhem.

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This week’s CTWW, easy peasy.

This week give your home a thorough clean. Preparing for winter by checking the seals on windows and doors ensures that warm air stays where we need it … indoors. The downside to that activity is that any toxins are also trapped indoors. So, cleaning our homes using non-toxic, safe cleansers will ensure that the air we trap inside will be pollutant free!


OR … If your home is spotless and doesn’t need cleaning, take a bow and relax. You deserve a break!


My cleaning kit

My house is never clean, that’s impossible, especially when you’ve got a high adrenaline kitten hurtling around the house like a white rocket. Soil magically gets out of the pot plants, he’s learned he can push the kitchen trashcan around the floor, he loves the little plastic/wire tabs from the bread bag, the top of my printer has little muddy paw-prints, the TV remote is always on the floor, you know the stuff.

My cleaning kit consists of a broom and a mop. I don’t use fancy shit, if you can’t make the house smell nice with bar-soap and water, you’re not doing it right. The only fancy shit I have is disinfectant for the bathroom.

Oh, that’s not my bathroom; mine has grotty blue/green paint and a slate floor. Oh, my mop and broom aren’t that fancy either.

Sansevieria trifasciata - St Georges Sword

Sansevieria trifasciata – St Georges Sword

Of course, here in Rio with our springing into summer, we don’t have to worry about window seals etc. The windows are all open all day, and soon, most nights, so we don’t have a great buildup of toxins.

House plants are a good natural way of ridding you home of them. Sanseviera is good for this. I have seven pots in the living room along with ferns.

So my house, while not spotless, it is livable.

You don’t need expensive fancy shit to have a clean house.

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