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Monday Moaning


The age of machine control has become a step closer.

Remember all those movie scenarios where machines take control and man tries to destroy the machines… and the machines just get up and keep coming on.

That has become a step closer to reality.




Self-healing electronic chip tests may aid space travel

Tests showed small microcapsules filled with liquid metal healed fractures in a gold circuit restoring conductivity

Self-repairing electronic chips are one step closer, according to a team of US researchers.

The group has created a circuit that heals itself when cracked thanks to the release of liquid metal which restores conductivity.

The process takes less than an eye blink to bring the circuit back to use.

The researchers said that their work could eventually lead to longer-lasting gadgets as well as solving one of the big problems of interplanetary travel.

Source: BBC News Read more


Man against machines. As frightening a prospect as the movie makers depict. This is another step to making machines invulnerable to man.

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