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Change the World Wednesday – 14th Nov

On time today!

*Checks calendar* to make sure.

In my last CTWW I said I was about to make a big purchase. I did, you can read about it on my post In Dire Need of Therapy it tells the story of my find. It also tells the story of last week’s CTWW, buying local instead of a big chain store. My previous fears were that I would only find my digital camera at an affordable price were unfounded.

I also bought a new TV remote control. The original that came with the TV worked, but required numerous presses of each button before anything happened. No, it wasn’t the batteries, I had changed them. I found one in the local mercado popular (street market) for R$10, at a store it would have been twice the price. But there was a price tag, many of the products, not all,  in these markets have been smuggled across the border from Paraguay, so you can never be sure that you’re not supporting the contrabandistas (black marketeers, smugglers), life is fraught with uncertainties.

So, I managed to keep to the spirit of the challenge, did you? Did you forgo your Starbuck’s and McDonald’s?

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This week’s CTWW is the last of the year. Sadly, Small Footprints is going to do a disappearing act until January. I calculate that is eight CTWWless Wednesdays.

*Stares blankly at screen wondering what I will do on Wednesdays*

I’m sure you will all join with me and say that she will be missed.

On with the game…

This week reduce! For example, reduce the length of your showers or the amount of time the TV or computers are on. Reduce the amount of food you cook (and eat) or reduce the energy used to cook food (try raw foods or energy-efficient counter-top cooking devices). Perhaps you can reduce the amount of garbage your family generates … and even reduce the need to recycle. Reduce the number of miles you drive or the number of trips you typically make in a week. Try turning off the lights for an extra hour this week or adjusting the thermostat by a degree. The idea with this challenge is to take at least one activity and make it more Eco-friendly by reducing.


Or … Since we all have an impact and can do a little something to reduce, we don’t have a second level.

Let’s see now…


If I reduce my shower time any further, I run the risk of becoming like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown cartoons; seriously. But I turn off the power so that I have ‘cold’ showers during the spring and summer, and much of the autumn.

I already turn off my TV if I’m not watching it. Even between programmes. Although I still have the problem that my On/off button is broken, so it is on standby until I get that fixed.

I already reduce the amount of food I cook. Sometimes, like yesterday, I cooked too much bolognaise; it’s in the fridge and today I am going to make pastry (I never buy) and make little pies to take to the botequim (bar) after work and share with the fregües (regulars).

I don’t have any bench top appliances. I consider them to be an unnecessary luxury, or undesirable like microwaves. Remember the best place for your microwave is the scrap metal yard; they’re dangerous. Check these posts, Make you Fink on Friday, Popcorn is Dangerous, another Make you Fink on Friday, and if you want more, do a search for ‘microwave’ in this blog.

Hmmm, raw foods, does sushi count? I love sushi.

I already recycle where possible. I only trash stuff that is really unrecyclable or soiled.

Lights get turned on at the last moment.

I don’t have a thermostat.

I don’t drive.

My worst enemy is my PC. My PC is 24/7, it works whenever I am sleeping. But I do turn off the screen when I am, or when I am away from the house; I don’t wait for the screensaver cycle. I know it can be adjusted, but that would drive me batty during periods when I am reading or thinking.

I will still think of something.


Do you remember this little cayenne pepper plant?

CTWW 25th April

It’s a big boy now…

Ready to flower

Second result with new camera. You can also see my little bonsai, and the fern I yanked out from the compost heap sitting beside the TV. It’s blurry, I’m am still learning to ‘drive’ it.

Make you Fink on Friday

I have been thinking lately, and regular readers will know that when I do, the results can be nasty.

I am going to tackle Russia today.

But not in a Cold War style. James Bond already did that.

Since the Second World War, the mere mention of Russia (or as it was then the USSR) brought shivers to the spines of many a patriot.

But the Iron Curtain faded, rusted and then tumbled and with it the Cold War as we knew it.

But with the American Empire crumbling… Oh, you think it’s not, then you must watch Fox News. Believe me, it’s crumbling on the edge of a cliff and about to topple into an abyss of a depression like we’ve never seen before. America’s problem is a myopic view that the American Dream is alive and well; sorry, but it’s a really sick puppy. America fell into the trap set by the bankers and corporations heedless of the welfare of the people.

Sure America had a brief heyday in the 60s & 70s, but that’s gone.

Russia is the only country in the world to buck the system; to turn it’s back on a couple of things that have made me think that maybe, just maybe, Russia is on the right track in some respects.

In the mid-1970s Russia banned microwaves. Now you may think that is pretty silly, until you look at the latest reports on how they f**k-up food beyond all recognition. More recent studies have shown that microwave ovens totally alter the structure of food, so much so, that it isn’t food anymore.

Yes, Russia made a good move.

Microwaves should be banned globally, but of course that’ll never happen. The microwave oven market is big. Corporations like this because there’s a lot of profit. Because the corporations run America, America will continue to have microwave ovens and obesity, yes, microwave ovens are a part of the obesity problem.

Yesterday, I read of another move by Russia.

Russia suspends import and use of American GM corn after study revealed cancer risk

  • The European Food Safety Authority orders review in to the research, conducted at a French university
  • Russia’s decision could be followed by other nations
  • Experts at the University of Caen conducted an experiment running for the full lives of rats – two years
  • The findings found raised levels of breast cancer, liver and kidney damage
  • The same trials also found minuscule amounts of a commonly used weedkiller, Roundup
  • Both the GM corn and Roundup are the creation of US biotech company Monsanto

Russia has suspended the import and use of an American GM corn following a study suggesting a link to breast cancer and organ damage.

Separately, the European Food Safety Authority(EFSA), has ordered its own review in to the research, which was conducted at a French university.

The decision by Russia could be followed by other nations in what would be a severe blow to the take-up of the controversial technology.

Cancer risk? A farmer shows two corncobs of genetically engineered corn by U.S. company Monsanto, right, and two normal corncobs from Germany, left

Historically, biotech companies have proved the safety of GM crops based on trials involving feeding rats for a period of 90 days.

However, experts at the University of Caen conducted an experiment running for the full lives of rats – two years.

The findings, which were peer reviewed by independent experts before being published in a respected scientific journal, found raised levels of breast cancer, liver and kidney damage.

Read more


The world is beginning to wake and smell the coffee.

People who are concerned with their health should be pressing the government to enforce product labeling.



Monday Moaning

The Soviet Union banned the use of microwaves in 1976 for a reason.


Experiment: Microwaved Water Killed The Plants In Just Days

by Marco Torres

“f you’re a regular reader of any type of website that thrives to educate on natural and toxic-free living, then you probably disposed of your microwave long ago. If you still use a microwave and just stumbled on this information, pay close attention as all the information on this page will eventually lead you to throw out your nuker and get back to old fashioned heating methods which are far more effective for your long-term health.In a science fair project, Arielle Reynolds a secondary school student in Sussex, demonstrated the effects of microwaved water fed to two genetically identical plants over a period of nine days. In the home experiment, she took filtered water and divided it into two parts. In the first part she heated to boiling in a pan on the stove, and the second part she heated to boiling in a microwave. Then after cooling she fed each of the microwaved water and pan heated water to two identical plants to see if there would be any difference in the growth between the normal boiled water and the water boiled in a microwave. Her thinking was that the structure or energy of the water may be compromised by microwaves. As it turned out, even she was amazed at the difference.

This was not a double blind experiment, so she knew which plant was receiving each water. According to Arielle, she also wanted the microwaved ones to do poorly, and although most scientists would dismiss the idea, it is possible that her thoughts toward each plant had an effect as well. Regardless, the results are interesting and duplicate the results that others have reported in other plant experiments using microwaved water. My question is, if a 6th grade science fair project could produce these results, why have no other studies come forth, especially better controlled and double-blind which could validate these results to the scientific community? I hate to answer my own question, but it’s because they don’t want people to know.

Microwaves use a non-ionizing form of radiation which is not as cancerous as ionizing radiation but it is still very damaging to human health. The Soviet Union banned the use of microwaves in 1976 for a reason. They are lethal in every sense. Microwaves leaking radiation is a serious issue. Serious enough for the FDA to set legal limits on the leakage permitted by every microwave manufacturer. However, the only way to completely eliminate the radiation dangers associated with microwaves is not to use one. Microwave radiation has been known to cause cataracts, birth defects, cancer and other serious illnesses.

In Dr. Lita Lee’s book, “Health Effects of Microwave Radiation – Microwave Ovens,” and in the March and September 1991 issues of “Earthletter,” she stated that every microwave oven leaks electro-magnetic radiation, harms food, and converts substances cooked in it to dangerous organ-toxic and carcinogenic products.

In “Comparative Study of Food Prepared Conventionally and in the Microwave Oven,” published by Raum & Zelt in 1992, at 3(2): 43, it states: “Artificially produced microwaves, including those in ovens, are produced from alternating current and force a billion or more polarity reversals per second in every food molecule they hit. Production of unnatural molecules is inevitable. Naturally occurring amino acids have been observed to undergo isomeric changes (changes in shape morphing) as well as transformation into toxic forms, under the impact of microwaves produced in ovens.”

There are no atoms, molecules or cells of any organic system able to withstand such a violent, destructive power for any extended period of time, not even in the low energy range of milliwatts. Microwaves quickly destroy the delicate molecules of vitamins and phytonutrients (plant medicines) naturally found in foods. One study showed that microwaving vegetables destroys up to 97% of the nutritional content (vitamins and other plant-based nutrients that prevent disease, boost immune function and enhance health).

Dr. Hertel was the first scientist to conceive and carry out a quality clinical study on the effects microwaved nutrients have on the blood and physiology of the human body. His small but well controlled study showed the degenerative force produced in microwave ovens and the food processed in them. The scientific conclusion showed that microwave cooking changed the nutrients in the food; and, changes took place in the participants’ blood that could cause deterioration in the human system. Hertel’s scientific study was done along with Dr. Bernard H. Blanc of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the University Institute for Biochemistry.

Of all the natural substances – which are polar – the oxygen of water molecules reacts most sensitively. This is how microwave cooking heat is generated – friction from this violence in water molecules. Structures of molecules are torn apart, molecules are forcefully deformed, called structural isomerism, and thus become impaired in quality. This is contrary to conventional heating of food where heat transfers convectionally from without to within. Cooking by microwaves begins within the cells and molecules where water is present and where the energy is transformed into frictional heat. The following is a summary of the Russian investigations published by the Atlantis Raising Educational Center in Portland, Oregon:

– Microwaving prepared meats sufficiently to insure sanitary ingestion caused formation of d-Nitrosodienthanolamines, a well-known carcinogen.
– Microwaving milk and cereal grains converted some of their amino acids into carcinogens.
– Thawing frozen fruits converted their glucoside and galactoside containing fractions into carcinogenic substances.
– Extremely short exposure of raw, cooked or frozen vegetables converted their plant alkaloids into carcinogens.
– Carcinogenic free radicals were formed in microwaved plants, especially root vegetables.

Russian researchers also reported a marked acceleration of structural degradation leading to a decreased food value of 60 to 90% in all foods tested. Among the changes observed were:

– Deceased bio-availability of vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, essential minerals and lipotropics factors in all food tested.
– Various kinds of damaged to many plant substances, such as alkaloids, glucosides, galactosides and nitrilosides.

According to Dr. Lee, changes are observed in the blood chemistries and the rates of certain diseases among consumers of microwaved foods. The symptoms above can easily be caused by the observations shown below. The following is a sample of these changes:

a. Lymphatic disorders were observed, leading to decreased ability to prevent certain types of cancers.
b. An increased rate of cancer cell formation was observed in the blood.
c. Increased rates of stomach and intestinal cancers were observed.
d. Higher rates of digestive disorders and a gradual breakdown of the systems of elimination were observed.

Decrease in Food Value: Microwave exposure caused significant decreases in the nutritive value of all foods researched. The following are the most important findings:

1. A decrease in the bioavailability [capability of the body to utilize the nutriment] of B-complex vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, essential minerals and lipotropics in all foods;
2. A loss of 60-90% of the vital energy field content of all tested foods;
3. A reduction in the metabolic behavior and integration process capability of alkaloids [organic nitrogen based elements], glucosides and galactosides, and nitrilosides;
4. A destruction of the nutritive value of nucleoproteins in meats;
5. A marked acceleration of structural disintegration in all foods.

Biological Effects of Exposure: Exposure to microwave emissions also had an unpredictably negative effect upon the general bio-logical welfare of humans. This was not discovered until the Russians experimented with highly sophisticated equipment and discovered that a human did not even need to ingest the material substance of the microwaved food substances: that even exposure to the energy-field itself was sufficient to cause such adverse side effects that the use of any such microwave apparatus was forbidden in 1976 by Soviet state law.

The following are the enumerated effects:

1. A breakdown of the human “life-energy field” in those who were exposed to microwave ovens while in operation, with side-effects to the human energy field of increasingly longer duration;
2. A degeneration of the cellular voltage parallels during the process of using the apparatus, especially in the blood and lymphatic areas;
3. A degeneration and destabilization of the external energy activated potentials of food utilization within the processes of human metabolism;
4. A degeneration and destabilization of internal cellular membrane potentials while transferring catabolic [metabolic breakdown] processes into the blood serum from the digestive process;
5. Degeneration and circuit breakdowns of electrical nerve impulses within the junction potentials of the cerebrum [the front portion of the brain where thought and higher functions reside];
6. A degeneration and breakdown of nerve electrical circuits and loss of energy field symmetry in the neuroplexuses [nerve centers] both in the front and the rear of the central and autonomic nervous systems;
7. Loss of balance and circuiting of the bioelectric strengths within the ascending reticular activating system [the system which controls the function of consciousness];
8. A long term cumulative loss of vital energies within humans, animals and plants that were located within a 500-meter radius of the operational equipment;
9. Long lasting residual effects of magnetic “deposits” were located throughout the nervous system and lymphatic system;
10. A destabilization and interruption in the production of hormones and maintenance of hormonal balance in males and females;
11. Markedly higher levels of brainwave disturbance in the alpha, theta, and delta wave signal patterns of persons exposed to microwave emission fields, and;
12. Because of this brainwave disturbance, negative psychological effects were noted, including loss of memory, loss of ability to concentrate, suppressed emotional threshold, deceleration of intellective processes, and interruptive sleep episodes in a statistically higher percentage of individuals subjected to continual range emissive field effects of microwave apparatus, either in cooking apparatus or in transmission stations.

How Do You Heat Your Food The Healthy Way? This is kind of a misnomer because there is truthfully, with perhaps the exception of dehydration, no way to heat food and maintain its structural and nutritional value. However, gently heating food in a cast iron pan over the stove may be the healthiest alternative to nuking it. This is the old fashioned way and it never failed our ancestors. If you really try and maintain a healthy diet, you should never have to reheat food in the first place because you simply will not have leftovers. If you can strive to consume at least half of your diet from raw foods, that is a huge step in the right direction to maintain their nutritional value. My mother always used to tell me that if food comes from a package, or has to be heated to be eaten, there’s a good a chance it’s low in nutrition. She was right for the most part, so keep that in mind when venturing the aisles at the grocery.”

Marco Torres is a research specialist, writer and consumer advocate for healthy lifestyles. He holds degrees in Public Health and Environmental Science and is a professional speaker on topics such as disease prevention, environmental toxins and health policy.
Related: “Is Your Microwave Nuking Your Health?”
I have always had a mistrust of microwaves. Even when my mother had one, I used it only for heating water for my instant coffee. Sure, I experimented a few times with food, I remember making scrambled eggs, reheating pizza and thawing frozen food, but I was never enamoured with the device. So much so, that when I eventually married (already well versed in cooking), I wouldn’t have one in the house. Even later in life when I designed two different restaurant kitchens, my bosses both asked if I wanted a microwave, and I refused them. One of my bosses was a very highly qualified chef and he agreed with my culinary reasoning, the other wasn’t and simply agreed because it saved him money.
I have since read adverse reports on microwaves, but none as damning as this exposé.
I agree with the article, “if a 6th grade science fair project could produce these results, why have no other studies come forth, especially better controlled and double-blind which could validate these results to the scientific community? I hate to answer my own question, but it’s because they don’t want people to know.”
This story: “he told me that he wanted to bring the water to boil [for coffee]. When the time shut the oven of, he removed the cup from the oven. As he looked into the cup, he noted that the water in the cup was not boiling, but instantly the water in the cup “blew up” into his face. The cup remained intact until he threw it out of his hand but all the water had flown out into his face due to the build up of energy. His whole face is blistered and he has 1st and 2nd degree burns to his face, which may leave scarring. He also may have lost partial sight in his left eye. While at the hospital, the doctor who was attending to him stated that this is a fairly common occurrence and water (alone) should never be heated in the microwave oven.”Rosemary’s Book Corner


Now, go to the link and read General Electric’s and a scientists resposes.
Sure enough, the world is full of rising cancer numbers and the increase of mental and social problems. We read about them every time the governments look at a health budget. There’s no denying that something is amiss.
Just what aren’t we being told, and by whom?
My guess is the industry, lobbying the government. Once again, we have profits before the people.
This brings us to the point, how long are we going to wait to retake control of our lives from the inept and incompetent governments? Or are we just happy to roll along and accept that our lives are being treated as fodder for the corporate giants?
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