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Is Your Sweet Natural?

I have given up on common white sugar. I have it in the house for guests should they not want to try my sugars.

I prefer ‘Natural’ sugar, what we in the western world would refer to as raw or demerara sugar.

The other sugar I use is organic sugar being similar in appearance, but. according to the company blurb is made from sugarcane that meets international standards of ‘organic’ cultivation and displays the stamps on the pack.

Images: União Cia

Now, I don’t know if this is healthier, or not. There is a lot of conflicting evidence, good and bad, about these sugars as opposed to white refined sugar.

Sugars; clockwise from top left: White refined, unrefined, brown, unprocessed cane – Wikipedia

There is also conflicting evidence about which stage of the sugar refining process produces these sugars.

Some say these sugars are before the white stage, others say they are after the white stage with molasses added again.

The image on the right shows, white sugar, unrefined (raw or demerara), brown sugar, and unprocessed (which I suspect is Muscovado or Barbados sugar).

I do know that the flavour of these brown sugars is much better than white sugar. Natural sugar has a definite hint of molasses, while organic is more honeyed, therefore lighter.

Have you experimented? Or even thought of experimenting?

Or are you of the opinion, we’ve always had white sugar and never considered the possible health benefits.

Look for it, try it, who knows, you may like it!

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