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Too Many Tabs Open

toomanytabs2Yes, that’s my excuse.

Too little sleep, not enough coffee, too much football and too many tabs open in my brain.

That’s why you got Monday’s post today.

I hit the ‘publish’ button and that’s when it dawned on me.

Whoops, too late!

So, maybe you’ll get a Nature Ramble tomorrow…

Monday Moaning

It’s Monday!

I had a Monday Moaning post written…

My server went out during the ‘save post’…

Result: All that work gone.

I am not going to attempt to rewrite it, but it was based on a report in The Environmental Magazine. Go and read it, you can imagine what I had to say, use your imagination.

All this was coupled with mouse problems; my mouse is having a career crisis, it has decided it doesn’t want to mouse anymore…

What can I say?

It’s Monday!

Monday Moaning

I’m here, but nothing has irked me sufficiently during the week to moan about. This is a most unusual state of affairs, I’ll try to rectify it.

Meanwhile, some advice from Maxine on Monday

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