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Simple Green Ideas

Old pallets are useful. One should never throw them away because you never know when they’ll come in handy.

For example:


Source: Snappy Pixels

NB – Cat not included…

Click on the image to enbiggenate if your eyes are like mine.


Simple Green Ideas

Maybe you want a new walkway around the garden, or to the gate…

You have some old hardwood timber…

Try this…



Simple Green Ideas

Old wood, pallets, crates, boxes can be used, busted apart and used, painted and used, repaired and used.

There’s no limit to repurposing, recycling, reusing.


Just needs some imagination… and some old paint.


Browsing this morning, I found a brilliant recycle project.

Reusing old wood, a pallet, old table legs, and a bit of steady work.

The result, a wonderful rustic table for the veranda or garden. Personally, I wouldn’t have a planter in the middle, but what a great holder for tall stuff like wine bottles at a BBQ.

You can read step by step instructions with photos on Far Out Flora

There is a link for a previously made coffee table too.

I just love rustic furniture of this type, it’s a great outdoorsy feeling indoors.

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