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Make you Fink on Friday

We often don’t realise just how important nature is to us. Often blind-siding the many aspects of nature that are beneficial.

I have in past posts talked about things like ‘cow poo’, now you can’t get more natural than that, that’s really down to earth. But it’s an important factor in reducing stress.

Polluting the planet is another detriment, deforestation, industrial waste, plastic bags, use of non-recoverable resources, technology are all widely talked about.

How often do you see Asians wearing glasses?

Another less obvious aspect is our need for daylight. I have blogged about this too; and I am going to again.

We ignore our need for daylight.

In the above post I complained about the building of buildings that need artificial light during the day.

Now I am going to show the detrimental aspect of a lack of natural light.

Read this article:

Massive rise in Asian eye damage

Up to 90% of school leavers in major Asian cities are suffering from myopia – short-sightedness – a study suggests.

Researchers say the “extraordinary rise” in the problem is being caused by students working very hard in school and missing out on outdoor light.

Average levels of myopia are 20-30% in the UK

The scientists told the Lancet that up to one in five of these students could experience severe visual impairment and even blindness.

In the UK, the average level of myopia is between 20% and 30%.

According to Professor Ian Morgan, who led this study and is from the Australian National University, 20-30% was once the average among people in South East Asia as well.

Source: BBC News Read more

The need for Asians to study to get ahead is endemic. They push themselves to the limits and to do so they are indoors, but at what cost to their health?

The cause – “a commitment to education and lack of outdoor light. ”

Education is a good thing, but it must be balanced with the body’s need for nature.

Artificial light is a form of pollution, and we must act against it in the same way we fight plastic bags.

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