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Change the World Wednesday – 19th Mar

Clorinha’s first baby photo

Still crazy, this week I’m here at 1am. It’s too hot to sleep despite the fan. We had 43ºC (that’s hot, even in ºF – 110 something).

Let me introduce you to Clorinha. She’s still at home with Mommy, and will be for another two weeks. I have called her Clorinha because Daddy was Cloro (bleach), and she’s a little girl Cloro, she has the same markings as her Dad.

CTWW isn’t actually up yet on Reduce Footprints, but I was here, so you get the introduction.

Yes, in a can

Yes, in a can

One thing I have changed in my life since I have become more environmentally aware, cans. I avoid cans like the plague.

I restrict my cans to sardines, I love canned sardines in olive oil on toast, and I have an emergency ration of feijoada (black baked beans with meat) which is easily heated without having to cook a whole meal in the evening which also heats up an already hot house.

I use about one can of each a month, sometimes less.

At my advancing age, a little more BPA can’t do too much damage. My endocrines are already disrupted.

But I generally stay away from canned goods, including drinks and beer.

However, last week at the supermarket, I weakened. I saw these wonderful cans of Guinness. Now I live in Brazil, Brazil does not make a good beer.

Four cans just leapt off the shelf into my shopping cart

A few weeks ago I bought two bottles of Stout made in Brazil. It was so unpalatable that half the first bottle went down the sink, the other relegated to the shelf in the beer box. To call this product stout was criminal, it was no more stout than caramelised pigs’ swill.

Now to find a quality brew like Guinness is a rarity here, I weakened. I would have preferred bottles, but they weren’t available.

Oh, and the stout was like heaven.

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CTWW is up now, but I’m going back to bed. I have had a quick read and will visit some of your blogs later when  the head is a little clearer and I have coffee.

This week’s challenge is a little easier.

This week, do not use or buy any paper towels or napkins. Instead, use cloth napkins and cleaning rags.


OR … If you never use paper towels or napkins, please review your paper use and determine if there are other ways for you to conserve. Can you use less toilet paper? Could you say “no” to printed receipts? What about printer paper, gift wrap, magazines and catalogs … can you give them up? Choose at least one area where improvements could be made.


OR … If you’ve basically eliminated paper from your life, please share your tips and ideas for doing so.

Part One

I do have a roll of paper towels in the kitchen, I bought a double pack about two years ago, and have just started the second roll. The last time I used one was to hold a juicy homemade hamburger more than a month ago. In my defence, I will say that I bought them before the previous CTWW challenge not to use them.

Part Two

If I used less toilet paper than I do, I’d be using my finger. I generally use one double piece for a wipe, then have a bum shower with soap and water.

Other paper reduction, I have stopped paper bank statements, I use the net.

I don’t buy magazines or newspapers, so there’s no problem there. Junk mail is a problem, not a big problem as most of it is little A5 sized flyers, the plain paper ones go on the compost heap, but the bigger glossies come at the rate of about two a week. Brazilian delivery does not understand “No Junk Mail”, although I have had strong words with some when I catch them. Which is why I am the neighbourhood velho caduco (grouchy old man).

Part Three

I can’t make any claims there. I use scrap paper for notes alongside my PC. Old papers used on one side get folded in four. I have a printer, but only print essentials for work on recycled paper. It hasn’t been used for more than two months, it’s probably rusted up.

Well, there you have it; my CTWW.

Make you Fink on Friday


Although we try to economise and the world is fast becoming a paperless society… paper does have it’s uses

Thanks go to Living Simply Free for the link to this clip

Change the World Wednesday – 30th Jan

akitchenshelvesThe previous week’s challenge got extended. I attacked my kitchen shelves as well.

You’ll notice on the second top shelf all my herbs, etc are in recycled olive jars; and on the next shelf down, stocks are in a used margarine container. On the top shelf there are chillies in olive oil in a recycled olive oil bottle, not easily recognisable but they are there, and boy are they hot (they’ve been in the oil for two years).

The list is no further ahead (last week’s challenge). I can’t think of anything to add.

My new fridge was supposed to arrive today after two more aborted attempts, but arrangements failed… again. The gods don’t like me!

My neighbour had to work late, so the pick-up wasn’t available. We have set Thursday as the day.

I hate depending on other people, it’s no wonder I need so much coffee.

On with this week’s CTWW challenge.

Hmmm, this week’s challenge is a guest post from Kristina Ross.

Your mission is this: digitize your correspondence. So much of what we would have put in the mail ten years ago is now more than doable with our bevy of technological advancements. Of course, you’re probably well aware and already taking full advantage of the ability to get in touch with a text, an e-mail or tweet. But think about where else you could avoid using paper; scanning and sending documents is easier than ever now that e-sign is a veritable resource for signatures, and interactive notes can actually be more effective over the Web with easy access to streaming videos, music and images.

Click the CTWW image for the full challenge.

Well, this one is easy for me. I simply don’t.

I don’t receive mail, I don’t send mail, I don’t scan, I don’t print.

The only time I receive stuff is when my bank in New Zealand send me a new debit card (I don’t use a credit card, credit cards are for fools), and then they send it by courier. That happens once every two years.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird

All my correspondence is by email. It has been since 1994, the early days of the net when I had my own travel business I made a decision, if a company is not innovative enough to use the internet, they’re not innovative enough to be of service to me. In fact, my refusal to trade with travel product suppliers unless they used the internet led to several switching on to the net. Travel product suppliers have a thing called a ‘wholesale tariff’ which is often a weighty document of up to 100 pages which could take three weeks in the post, or overnight via ftp, and sometimes I wanted that document ‘now’! Faxing docs like this was simply too expensive.

So my endeavours to reduce the postal clutter have been in place, not necessarily for environmental reasons, for many years; and similarly my use of the net for all correspondence.

I used to use Thunderbird as my email client, but lately I have fallen by the way of using cloud-based such as gmail and yahoo. I know from experience that this is bad, because my gmail account was lost when my Google account disappeared, along with all my correspondence, email addresses, etc. I now use gmail only for collecting emails that will be deleted shortly, like notifications of comments and new posts. I should have learned my lesson.

Let that be a lesson for all. The cloud-based systems are all too convenient, until something goes wrong. The fiasco over Mega-Uploads is a fine example where thousands of legitimate businesses lost their documents when the American authorities bullishly closed the site. With cloud-based systems you are not in control.

Off on a tangent a bit, but I think the warning is pertinent if you use them for all your correspondence.

Challenge met.

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