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Simple Green Ideas

Most sheds and garages around the world have junk like this around…

valveJust waiting to be thrown out – one day.

But wait, try this…


Make a towel rack

If it’s not classy enough for the bathroom or the kitchen, use it in the BBQ area or patio.

Simple Green Ideas


Two ideas today. One simple, one not so simple.

One is an item that nearly every home has; the other you’ll have to hunt for unless you have an army in the backyard or neighbourhood.

Somewhere round the yard, you’ll probably have one of these…


If you’ve just installed a pool, or outdoor patio, use it to make one of these.


Or the not so simple, for the more adventurous, and you’ve happened upon one of these, what a bar set up for a den, man cave or outdoors.


All images are from Pinterest.

Simple Green Ideas

Still on about bottles this week. Found this patio bar… 3

From: GreenScene

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