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Simple Green Ideas

These one’s are simple ideas, but could be a bit of work.

Got one of these in the backyard?



But a really big one…

Try this:

A tree pavillion

A tree pavillion

Or, if it’s a smaller one:


Bird bath and garden

Or, if it’s already horizontal:


Garden seat

Or, just hollow it out a bit:



Or, just leave it for the kids to use their imaginations:


Kids love old stumps

If it’s really, really big:

Make a sandbox for them

Make a sandbox for them

Or with a bit more work, it could be lined and become a garden pond.

Or, make a decorative table, or one for the BBQ.

A tree stump table

A tree stump table

Or, you could leave it to the bees, or make something more substantial for them.


Or, you could just dig it out and miss a wonderful opportunity…

Simple Green Ideas

How many of these are lying abandoned in cupboards around the world?


Broken, burnt out, or simply bought a new one.

Try this for an idea…


It doesn’t have to be a kitchen fish bowl, it could be a terrarium, or a planter.

Got an Old Piano?

Well have you?

Can’t sell it, nobody wants pianos these days.

And you don’t know what to do with it…

Think outside the box:


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