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Simple Green Ideas

Simple Green Ideas today is a little different.

I’m going to introduce a blog that I visited this morning from her comment on yesterday’s post.

Growing Snowballs

First four posts:

Knitting with Plastic Bags

Repurpose your excess Plastic into Party Bunting

3 ways to Produce Profit or how to use your Pumpkin

How to get More than you Paid for or don’t be a Tosser

The blog is full of great ideas for reusing, repurposing and multipurposing.

Just look what you can do with a pumpkin – image: Growing Snowballs

Simple Green Ideas

Repurposing today.

You need a new bathroom towel rail…

Don’t rush off to the home depot.

Just reach into the closet.

hanger hooks

Much cheaper…

Simple Green Ideas

From time to time appliances can’t be repaired, so we throw them out or send them for recycling.

But what about repurposing?



Simple Green Ideas

Most homes replace one of these at sometime. How long do they hang around the backyard before we finally throw them out?

The Thunder Box


Turn your throne into a thing of beauty.

Simple Green Ideas

I am sure that some of you have a wreck, a clunker, or an old car stashed in the yard. Something that has seen better days and is too old to sell, the wreckers want to charge a fortune to tow away, so you’ve just left it there.

Try this…


Get some more mileage from it.


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