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Water Might

Litarachna lopezae

Litarachna lopezae

I wonder if this Puerto Rican water mite can sing any better than its namesake?

Scientists name new species of water mite after Jennifer Lopez

Litarachna lopezae was given its name as a ‘token of gratitude’ for the singer’s music, which biologists listened to as they documented their discovery.

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Make you Fink on Friday

GM even safer than conventional food, says environment secretary

While there have been several field trials, only two GM crops have been approved for commercial growing in the EU

GM crops are probably [my emphasis] safer than conventional plants, according to the Environment Secretary.

Making the strongest call yet for the adoption of the technology, Mr Paterson told the BBC that that GM has significant benefits for farmers, consumers and the environment.

He said the next generation of GM crops offers the “most wonderful opportunities to improve human health.”

But green groups say this new push is dangerous and misguided.

The environment secretary has never made a secret of his support for GM technology. Speaking to the BBC ahead of a major speech in favour of GM, Mr Paterson said it was being adopted by the rest of the world and the UK and Europe risked being left behind.

He dismissed criticisms that GM could pose problems to human health.

“The use of more precise technology and the greater regulatory scrutiny probably make GMOs even safer than than conventional plants and food,” he said.

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Mr Paterson is full of shit!

“Probably” is enough reason not to go ahead. Until it can be categorically stated “are safer” then the Environment Secretary is a fool.

While “Questions remain over their effects on human health and the environment, it warns.” – Daily Mail, the world should be looking sideways at GM crops.

“Soil Association policy director Peter Melchett said that GM would make it harder, not easier, to feed the world.”BBC News People like this are not saying these things for fun.

For idiots like Paterson, one seriously has to wonder who is paying him, and how much, to make these statements that fly in the face of so many researchers who have grave doubts. This twerp is a village idiot politician, he is NOT a scientist; he is reiterating rhetoric from sources that support HIS ideals, and ignoring what could possibly be the truth.


Over 800 world scientists agree: GM crops are nothing short of a bio-war on our food

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand why genetically modified foods are dangerous, but if you look closely, you may just find the name of one listed among the names of more than 800 scientists from around the globe who have joined forces in an open letter to all world governments, outlining their detailed concerns over the alarming potential threat of biotech’s unauthorized, worldwide GM foods experiment.”A Blogger who gives this link:

Open Letter from World Scientists to All Governments Concerning Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

  • The scientists are extremely concerned about the hazards of GMOs to biodiversity, food safety, human and animal health, and demand a moratorium on environmental releases in accordance with the precautionary principle.
  • They are opposed to GM crops that will intensify corporate monopoly, exacerbate inequality and prevent the essential shift to sustainable agriculture that can provide food security and health around the world.
  • They call for a ban on patents of life-forms and living processes which threaten food security, sanction biopiracy of indigenous knowledge and genetic resources and violate basic human rights and dignity.
  • They want more support on research and development of non-corporate, sustainable agriculture that can benefit family farmers all over the world.

Signed by 828 scientists

These guys aren’t fools, neither are they paid by GM enthusiasts…


I know who I’d rather trust, a scientist or a village idiot, no contest.

Too close to Christmas to be serious

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