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Monday Moaning

Two moans this morning.

Nothing like firing both barrels at the same time.

First up, nasty secretive governments

Fracking campaigners criticise ‘censored’ report on house prices

Government urged to publish sections cut from study into impact of shale gas wells on local communities

Source: TheGuardian Read the article.


It’s high time that governments realised they are elected by the people to serve the needs of the people and not their own twisted agendas.

Governments have lost track of why they are there.

Ideally, they shouldn’t have secret agendas that they don’t want the people to know about; whether militarily or domestically.

The people have a right to know!

Not only know, but know the FULL story, not some censored shit that the government thinks will keep the people quiet.

Generally, it follows that if there’s shit that the government needs to censor, then there’s some shit that is not good nor for the benefit of the people.

Use your vote to get rid of these degenerates!

Second up:

There needs to be more effort in supporting businesses that look to caring for the environment.

“At the moment, one of my supermarkets is out of the paper option, and the girl at the checkout was packing my stuff. Sometimes she would put just two or three items in a bag, I complained bitterly, unpacking and repacking more items to reduce the number of bags. This girl had no idea.” Opening paragraph to a piece on my CTWW of 16th July. Read for the story, it’s further down the post.

Then this week I read a comment:

“I am shocked an employee of Trader Joe’s had no concept of the environmental issues surrounding plastic. Maybe the answer to educating the public is to include it as part of the job training as well. I don’t have a Trader Joe’s near me currently, but will if I relocate. I used to shop there in Arizona but today am concerned with some of their business decisions and may not return to give them my business.”  Comment on Living Simply Free


Companies, retailers, service suppliers, etc need to be taken to task.

Either you care about the environment or I take my business elsewhere!

This means that managers need to add environmental issues to their staff training, as an integral part of same.

That means that YOU need to complain to them. YOU need to make them aware of their shortcomings and deficiencies. If you claim to be green, and don’t, then YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

In my case above, I complained, and I got a satisfactory response, the manager agreed with me, he hadn’t thought about the issue before, and promised to look into it. I will be watching!

If and when I see an improvement, I will talk to him again, however, if I don’t see some action I will talk to him again and tell him why he won’t see me in his store again.

Have you got the courage to do this?




Monday Moaning

Invasion of the white appliances

This is scary.

Technology at its worst.

Did you know your washing machines, air conditioners, TVs and fridges are spying on you?

Why your washing machine is a security risk

As washing machines get linked to the net, they might be leaking data

“Hello! Do you need any help, sir?”

“No thanks, I’m just browsing.”

This is a lie. I am not just browsing. I am trying to make a smart washing machine on display in this electronics store cough up its deepest secrets.

On this model, that means I need to simultaneously press a couple of buttons on the control panel to jog it into a mode that shows how it connects to wi-fi. But I need to hold the buttons down for five seconds or so and every time I do that a hovering salesman or woman comes over and I have to abandon the attempt.

Maybe there is a better way to plumb the secrets of smart devices. I’m curious about the security on these gadgets as I’ve just bought a washing machine that can communicate its well-being via an app.

More and more domestic gadgets that, since their creation, have been as isolationist as North Korea are now becoming decidedly verbose. And they do most of their chatting via apps. With home routers regularly getting enrolled into scams, I’m wondering if smart washing machines, ovens, tumble dryers and fridges will be next.

Source: BBCNews Read more scary stuff


I find it quite scary that appliances have the ability to transmit information without the user being aware of it. Further, there’s no way you can turn it off!

If this information is intercepted, as the article claims is fairly easy to do, by people with nefarious intent, can they determine when the house is empty?

Does this information make you ripe for the pickings of burglars and ne’er-do-well?

One thing I hate about all this information gathering is ‘targeted advertising’. Which is why I have blocked ALL access to advertisers and beacons from the sites I visit.

The road we are going down is fraught with danger…

Big Brother is watching you more and more, there is no escape.

Personally, I refuse to buy anything, that has this ability, or the potential. Which is why when I bought my new cellphone, I got as simpler model as possible. Smartphones are just too damned smart for my good.


Monday Moaning

Hidden Plastic

I got a surprise yesterday, reading a new blog found through their comment here.

The blog: Treading My Own Path

The post that caused me to blink…

The Scandalous Plastic in Tea Bags – Who Knew?

Oh tea-bags, you innocent-looking things, you. Thinking that just by turning yourselves into a delicious cup of tea I wouldn’t question you. In fact, I didn’t question you. Luckily for me, others did, which led me to this revelation: teabags contain plastic.

Source: Treading My Own Path – The Scandalous Plastic in Tea Bags – Who Knew? Read more of this great post, then come back and see if you agree with my opinion.


Teabags, apparently, contain a small amount of plastic. I didn’t know this, and I wager that you didn’t either.

Personally I am a coffee drinker, but I do enjoy the odd cuppa, especially if I’m crook (ill, for our American cousins), got a sore throat, a dodgy belly and the like.

When I drink tea, it is black (or green, or orange) without milk and sugar, which is why it is great for cleaning out dodgey bellies.

Because I drink so little tea, it is convenient to use teabags. There is also the fact that I have never seen loose tea in Brazilian supermarkets, but then I haven’t looked either; if it is here it doesn’t exactly jump out at you from the shelf.

But I will look.

Especially now that I know about the sneaky teabag plastic.

The blog post suggests that 165m teabags are used in UK alone. If you extrapolate that figure to a global one, the number must be staggering.

Evil, sneaky teabags

Evil, sneaky teabags

Once again we have a situation where our love of convenience (making a cuppa with a teabag) is, a] using oil reserves to make the plastic, and b]  creating a further problem with disposal.

And once again, companies don’t want us to know their dirty little secret.

I believe it is now our duty to spread the word, so that more people can make a cuppa with a choice, loose tea or teabag.

There’ll always be those who moan and say it’s not cost-effective to make a pot of tea when you’ve got those handy little teabags that make just the cuppa I need at the moment.

Tea tong

Tea tong

My mother had one of these in the kitchen drawer all my childhood. Sometimes it was used, although she usually brewed a pot for my father, he was not a coffee drinker.

I have not seen one for years, but browsing around just now, I see there are modern versions of the same thing.

I’ll check around, because if I can find loose tea, and a pair of these, teabags will become a thing of the past. And my life will be just a little greener.

Spread the word, so that this dirty little secret become common knowledge.

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