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Not a CTWW Post – 4 Dec

Here we go again with NOT a CTWW post.

But this week I am going to set a challenge.

Each week, in fact I am sure each day, we all do something that maybe considered ‘green’ and probably don’t even think about it. Well, I want you to think about it, maybe photograph it, and post it.

I have done a quick stocktake of things that have happened.

Firstly, four years ago I planted goiaba (guava) seeds, some of them sprouted, and I transplanted one to grow. The tree is now three metres (9 feet +/-) tall and there are a couple of fruit for the first time. I noticed then this week.

See it, half hidden behind the leaf?

See it, half hidden behind the leaf?

A few weeks ago, I had some pineapple, one I thought had died, and I yanked it out and threw on the compost heap where it took root, and now there is a pineapple growing; one of five that I have around the yard.

This is the biggest

This is the biggest

The last bunch of fresh mint I bought at the sacolão (fruit & vege shop), one piece had a sprig of root, so I put it in a glass of water, then when more root had grown, I transplanted it in an old paint tin.

Most of my plants are in old paint tins

Most of my plants are in old paint tins

So soon I will have fresh mint for the kitchen.

Yesterday I put out my rubbish, someone had thrown out an old dead cactus still in its planter.


Just waiting for something to grow in it

Bit of a brush up and it’s ready to be the home for a new plant.

In the late afternoon, I stopped off at the botequim (bar next door) for a well deserved beer after a hot day, and saw that someone had thrown out an old PC. Home it went. After a refreshing beer, I opened it.

All good spare parts

Less to go to the landfill

Spare parts, two memory sticks, a hard drive, a CDROM, cables, all good spare parts.

So, what have you done this week? Or done earlier that has become apparent this week?

Write a post about it, and leave a comment here.

This is your official NOT a CTWW post, brought to you with two cups of coffee. No animals were tested here.

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