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Simple Green Ideas

Some simple green ideas from the kitchen.

Hideaway trys for small bits and pieces

Hideaway trays for small bits and pieces

Source: Lushome

Now go and have a look at 9 more ways to use stuff and save space. So simple.

Simple Green Ideas

From time to time appliances can’t be repaired, so we throw them out or send them for recycling.

But what about repurposing?



Change the World Wednesday – 11th July

The offending mouse

I used a whole paper towel!

As explained in the post on CTWW 27th Jun

This week I have been lazy, no Monday Moaning, not that I didn’t have anything to moan about  just didn’t get round to it. Yesterday slipped by and disappeared under the floorboards, one of those split work days when nothing really gets done, although I did blog a little.

I’m running a bit behind today, had to go and pay the rent, got my hair cut and bought a new mouse. It bugged me that I couldn’t find a mouse without plastic security wrapping. There was more plastic in the wrapping than in the mouse itself.

This week’s challenge:

This week refuse to use plastic wrap (aka cling film, cling wrap, glad wrap, etc). Instead, choose Eco-friendly, safe ways to store food. And, as always, we’d like to hear all about your efforts.

Or …

If you’ve already banned plastic wrap from your life, please review your food storage methods to see if there’s any room for improvement. For example, if you’re reusing plastic containers to store food consider glass, ceramic or stainless steel containers instead (old plastic containers may leach harmful toxins into your food). If you use aluminum foil to cover your food, consider covering food with an inverted plate, a lid from a casserole or pan, etc. And, please tell us about your efforts.

I win!

Part I: I don’t have cling wrap or plastic film in the house. Ergo, I don’t use it.

Part II: My food is stored in recycled margarine containers, although I do have a couple of larger plastic containers for bulkier or lots of stuff. My juice jug is also plastic, but it was bought at a time when economy was essential and I didn’t have the funds available for a glass one which I would obviously prefer.

Other storage is already in recycled glass jars and bottles.

BBQ trout from: sharon moore recipes

I do not use aluminium foil for storage, but it does a wonderful whole fish on the BBQ.

I use plates to cover any food that needs it in the fridge.

Click on the image for the credit and a great recipe.

So that wraps it up for this week, now I need more coffee.

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