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Change the World Wednesday – 14th Aug

Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day

I didn’t need a pee this week, well at least not in the middle of the night, so my CTWW post is running late.

I am still on split days, and that plays havoc with my timetable as well, not to mention my sanity.

The new stove is wonderful, able to cook real meals at last, instead of one-pot-wonders.




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On with this week’s CTWW.

This week preserve local produce. This could be large scale (e.g. canning fruits and vegetables) … or simply freezing some herbs. You might want to dehydrate fruit for healthy snacks, make a small batch of freezer jam or shell some peas for the freezer. Canning, freezing, dehydrating, curing, pickling, etc. … the choice is yours. The goal is to preserve local produce, perhaps from your own garden, for use in the winter.


OR …

If you are experiencing winter instead of summer and don’t have fresh produce to preserve, please prepare at least one meal this week using local foods. This might include items preserved from last summer’s harvest, canned goods sold by local farmers, etc.

This challenge is sort of a rolling one for me. I am always doing bits and pieces, whether from my humble gardening efforts or produce from the supermarket or sacolão.

I’ll soon have my own tomatoes, I noticed the first is beginning to turn orange this morning. So apart from tomatoes to cook with, I’ll have a few left over to turn into homemade ketchup; one more product that I won’t have to buy.

I have finally succeeded in getting curly-leafed parsley to grow from seed after two failed attempts. Here in Brazil they use flat-leaf parsley, which I find rather bland. But next week I’ll be able to pick my first bunch of real parsley.

Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne Peppers

My cayenne peppers are doing well, and I will have four bushes to pick from, so there will be lots of pepper preserved in olive oil. I bottle far more than I can use, but they make great presents for friends.

Must away, make like the pigeons and flock off. I have classes to teach.

Change the World Wednesday – 7th Aug


virgoBirthday month! Yes, my birthday is this month, I am a Virgo. In Portuguese it’s quite funny, be cause “Eu sou virgem” is like saying “I’m a virgin” LOL and me, a 62 year old with 12 kids…. and seven grandkids. No! Eight now, I just found out last week that my estranged second daughter has had a little girl recently.

Toward the end of the month I will be celebrating with a BBQ at the bar, as I do every year, but this year will be a little different since I have embarked on my ‘beefless weeks’ each month, which are still happening. To compensate for the excesses and sins committed during my BBQ, I am making the rest August ‘beefless’.

Still no cat. I am catless, therefore sad. But I am sure that being catless is a temporary state.

There is some good news, but I will refrain from mentioning it here, as it complies with part of this weeks CTWW, coincidentally.

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This week’s CTWW, let’s move right along.

It’s a triple banger, and I get to do a little of each.

This week, unplug household appliances on standby. Pay special attention to any appliance with a clock or lighted panel (microwaves, coffee makers, etc.) … those are the obvious signs that energy is being used even when the appliance isn’t. Also look for phantom energy use … phone chargers, TVs, recording devices, etc. They all use energy when plugged in. Turn off the computer and monitor when not in use. Worried about maintaining your internet connection? Then, leave the modem on but turn everything else off. Consider a power bar to make this task easier.


OR …

Buy only local foods and products this week thereby reducing the amount of fuel used to get products from their origin to your shelf.


OR …

Go on a “no spending” diet this week. Refuse to purchase anything but the bare necessities thereby reducing the industrial processes required to manufacture stuff.

So, in reverse order… I often do things backwards, I hate being predictable, it’s a bit like being ‘normal’.

Well, the last bit is the easiest, because most of my buying is necessities, not quite the bare, but necessities. But I promise I won’t buy any wine, beer, chocolate or fancy cheeses this week or make any big purchases.

The second bit is harder, because I don’t have the means  (no car) to get really local produce. But I will walk hobble, remember I am on a walking stick, to the supermarket for my weekly shop (today) and the sacolão (fruit and vege shop) instead of using the bus.

The first bit, I already do all that. But last week, I bought a new stove, it’s energy rated No. 1 on a scale of five.

Mine has a smoked glass door

I have used two old stoves, both recycled from the street, for 5+ years. Neither have ever functioned well, but I persevered through necessity even though it has bugged me all the while.

My new stove (gas) does have electric start, and an oven light, but I am not plugging it in. I don’t find it necessary. To light it, I will continue to use my recycled cigarette lighters; once the gas runs out, the flint has another six months use.

I splashed out and got the ‘five-burner’ model, because the larger ring will reduce cooking times for big pots which I do sometimes.

Also the stainless steel will be easier to clean. I know this from experience in commercial kitchens.

Okay, that’s it for this week. I’m off back to bed at 3am…. *yawn* I only got up for a pee.


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