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Simple Green Ideas

Maybe you want a new walkway around the garden, or to the gate…

You have some old hardwood timber…

Try this…



Simple Green Ideas

The Yuletide season will soon be upon us.

People will start the hunt for a Christmas tree.

There are those who will opt for a fake tree, maybe they are going to recycle the one from last year; if it survived. Maybe they are going to buy a new one to replace the one that didn’t survive.


These fake trees cost; they cost money and they cost resources.

Maybe you are from a family that has a real tree, a dying tree, a tree that would have grown to be a magnificent example of nature, if it hadn’t been cut down in its prime to stand dying in a corner of your living room festooned with baubles.

You do this every year, you sacrifice a tree to celebrate Christmas.



That becomes this before the end of January…


After New Year, you pat yourself on the back, “We’ve had a great Christmas and slaughtered another tree!”

It wasn’t such a great Christmas for the dying tree…

Millions of trees around the world suffer this indignity; put to death by Christians as if they were witches during the inquisition.

Think about this.

Think about the alternatives.

Do you have some old wood, timber, lumber around the yard?

Most people do, I do.

Use your imagination…


Upcycle, repurpose your old wood.

Eeew! That looks a bit grotty!

So paint it with that paint that has been sitting on the shelf in the garage for years, it doesn’t have to be green, nice if it is, but who says green represents Christmas. The spirit of Christmas doesn’t have a colour.

Make your Christmas present to the world this year, save a tree from the agonies of  death, the indignity of garish baubles, the opprobrium of a trash can burial.

Do this and you can be proud after Christmas.

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