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Monday Moaning

Why has something so simple been overlooked for so long?

Those that haven’t overlooked it, have ignored it.

Then there are those like me, who knew the principle (basic physics) and never put 2 + 2 together.

“Painting roofs and making roads white can be the equivalent to removing the world’s cars for 11 years.” – Source: GoGreenAmerica Read more

White roofs have three major benefits:

1. It keeps buildings cooler, reducing the amount of energy required for air conditioning.

2. It reduces the so-call “heat island” effect, the heating up of entire urban areas which then causes other buildings in the vicinity to heat up, whether they are in direct contact with the sun or not.

3. A white roof or road will actually reflect the sun’s rays back into space, keeping the atmosphere cooler.


If part of the answer is so simple, why hasn’t this been pursued?

Knowing the general principles of physics, this is so logical.

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