Mews: The truth about pet food labels #infographic

It’s all about labelling tricks


Hi everyone,

Today we would like to share an infographic from our friends at Applaws for whom we will also be featuring a review of their pet food next week Friday so stay tuned as to what the cats thought about their food! 😀

They are also running an interactive quiz on their Facebook page here. You may want to do this prior to checking out the below infographic and find out how well you know your pet. 🙂


So what was your score on the quiz?

Our score:

Purrfect score! You know your pet 100%

You’re the cat’s pyjamas.

You certainly know your cat facts, but did you know some leading brands of cat food contain as little as 4% of the named meat ingredient and even then it can be anything from lungs to guts and other gross bits?

We hope you enjoyed this infographic and quiz.



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4 responses to this post.

  1. I stopped buying pet food for my dogs in their later years and fed them home-made meals instead. They thrived on it and if I ever get dogs again I’ll do the same thing.



  2. >Rachel, I used mainly mince for the cats. Sometimes between supermarket visits they got biscuits.

    I hadn’t realised that the right column was advertising. Previously, I had just read the left.




  3. Posted by marie on December 5, 2014 at 12:37 am

    i know all about the labeling on pet food. I know in principal that raw food is better for cats. Unfortunately my kitties have their own idea of what constitutes food. Dry from a bag, they refuse to defer to my knowledge and wisdom about good food. This does not mean I am giving up the fight…it might just take a lot longer than I thought to change their wee kitty minds.



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