The Green Ink Bottle

The Green Ink Bottle


Sometimes, I surprise myself, usually not. But when I do I write something that is worth repeating.

This is the repository for those special remarks.

Here you may find philosophical, logical, maybe even humorous remarks. Remarks that I have made in various posts along the way, linked to the post from whence they came.

This page is an on-going work….

:: I swept my footpath (sidewalk for our American cousins. I have no idea why Americans call it a ‘sidewalk,’ because I always walk on my feet – strange habit – never on my side) post

:: However, I don’t use their paper towels in the bathroom, I am a boy (albeit an old one) and wipe my hands on my jeans. post

:: No matter what man does to produce the energy we have become so reliant on, so dependent on, we can’t do it without some adverse impact on the planet. post

:: One of the pleasures in life is that first morning coffee. post

:: I replaced my fridge with one that I bought from a neighbour, it was cheap, made ice and kept the beer cold (it also had some food in it) post

:: The aquifers cannot sustain this usage and abuse. And man WILL pay for his folly. post

:: We are dying to see the future. post


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