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Monday Moaning

This is becoming more and more prevalent.

Food wastage.

Too much food is being manufactured, supermarkets and the like are over stocking and people are buying more than they need.

As a result, we have this!

Quarter of UK’s food thrown away ‘untouched’, waste figures show

Around 1m tonnes of food binned unopened at cost of £90 per household in UK, says Waste Resource Action Programme

Unopened food from a domestic household thrown away in a dustbin. Half of the ‘untouched’ food wasted is fresh vegetables and salad Photograph: Nick Ansell/PA

As much as one-quarter of the food that is thrown away by households in the UK is still “untouched” in its wrapping, analysis of waste figures shows.

This habit of regularly throwing away unused food, usually because it has been allowed to go past its eat-by date, is costing £2.4bn a year nationally or £90 per household. Such unopened food amounts to 1m tonnes of the 4m tonnes of wasted food each year, according to a new report from the Waste Resource Action Programme, a government-sponsored initiative.

Adding the value of food and drink that is partly eaten before being thrown away, or cooked and then binned uneaten, the total cost of wasted food rises to about £200 a year for the average person.

Of the unopened foods that end up chucked, about half is salad and vegetables. The waste is happening at a time when poorer and vulnerable people are reporting that they are cutting down on healthy fresh fruit and vegetables because they cost too much.

Wrap recommends simple actions including checking the fridge and cupboard before going shopping to avoid duplicating items, meal-planning and making a shopping list.

Food waste also adds indirectly to the cost of waste collections and landfill, Wrap notes, and to greenhouse gas emissions. The organisation is suggesting that each of us could choose just one bad habit to change.

Source: TheGuardian


Manufacturers who produce too much, supermarkets who stock too much, restaurants who cook too much  and people who buy too much, then throw away unopened/untouched  food ned to be fined.

We have to stop this wastage.

Any wastage needs to be curtailed, and the only thing that seems to work is hit their profits or pockets.

Manufacturers wasting produce – $100,00 fine, doubling for each subsequent fine.

Supermarkets and restaurants – $10,000 doubling the same.

Households – $1,000 and the same doubling.

Hit the profits or pockets and waste will soon reduce. People and companies will start buying or producing only what they need.


Change the World Wednesday – 26th Mar

Not cheap


I threw out some food and some wine.

What’s worse, it was my cooking and the wine wasn’t cheap.

Yesterday, I decided to use the last of the sole (halibut) fillets in my freezer. I have never heard of, but couldn’t see why not use fish in a lasagna. Problem was, I had no lasagna; shopping day today. But I did have some macaroni, so a base of white parsley sauce, peppered sole fillets and more white sauce macaroni on top.

I opened the wine, it looked more like iced-tea, and was definitely musky.

Musk = glandular secretions from animals such as the musk deer, not that I am in the habit of sniffing around musk deer butts. I am using my powers of imagination here.

It wasn’t pleasant on the palate at all.

The ‘lasagna’ I ate one plate for lunch, I wouldn’t make it again. The problem was that I made enough for three meals, and had only eaten one.

It had to go. The guilt trip lasted the rest of the afternoon.

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On with CTWW. I didn’t realise, this Saturday is that lights out thingy.

Yes, Earth Hour 60+.

I consider this to be symbolic rather than effective.

Earth Hour – March 29, 2014 at 8:30 pm (local time)

I have never been convinced that even if the whole world participated, the use of alternative light forms, candles, torches, etc does not offset the switching off of lights.

But it doesn’t hurt to have symbols to raise awareness.

This week, in honor of Earth Hour and to raise awareness, please take photos of what you, personally, are trying to protect. Perhaps it’s a beautiful spot in nature that you particularly love. Maybe you are protecting the clean water which comes out of your faucet. It could be a photo of a river, a favorite tree, an animal, or the sky. The idea is to share, visually, your reasons for living green. You can post the photo on your blog or, if you wish, send them to me (HERE) and I’ll include them in next week’s post (put “CTWW” in the subject line so that I’ll be sure to see the email).


OR …

If you’d rather not do the photos, please observe Earth Hour by turning off your lights for one hour beginning at 8:30 pm (your local time) on Saturday, March 29, 2014.

My photo is of the local praça (park) in front of my house. It’s not particularly obvious, but under the bushes there is a lot of rubbish.
Rubbish under the bushes that surround the praça

Rubbish under the bushes that surround the praça

Plastic water and soda bottles, beer cans, disposable cups, and those nasty things shopping bags. I am constantly picking up what I can, and trying to raise awareness of the locals on the issue.

Our green spaces need protecting, whether they are urban or rural it matters not.

I try my best to live a greenish lifestyle, I’m not always successful (as above with my ‘disaster’) and suffer a measure of angst when I do something that goes against the grain. It raises my hackles when I see people not even trying.

As for the lights out… I probably will  because at that time I will be watching the news, I can do that in the dark.

Monday Moaning

Food wastage, one of the shocking failures of the system.

The way we shop must change. The way supermarkets present food must change. The way businesses calculate the customer needs must change.

The whole system needs an urgent overhaul.

I am against too many laws, we have far too many in some areas, but not enough in others.

Tesco says almost 30,000 tonnes of food ‘wasted’

Tesco estimated that, across the UK food industry, 40% of apples were wasted, as were just under half of bakery items

Supermarket giant Tesco has revealed it generated almost 30,000 tonnes of food waste in the first six months of 2013.

Using its own data and industry-wide figures, it also estimated that, across the UK food industry, 68% of salad to be sold in bags was wasted – 35% of it thrown out by customers.

And it estimated 40% of apples and 47% of bakery items were wasted in the UK.

The retailer is introducing measures to reduce wastage including developing promotions for smaller bags of salad.

The latest figures published by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (Wrap) in 2011 suggested about 15 million tonnes of food goes to waste each year in the UK.

Read more

Read more


Quite frankly, the idea of salad in a bag is the epitome of laziness. It shouldn’t be allowed. Buy a lettuce or a cabbage!

I have seen trays of salad veges in my local supermarket. R$5.00 for a family size salad; turn around and there’s a whole  cabbage for R$0.80, and there’s no polystyrene tray or clingwrap.

It takes about the same time to unwrap the salad tray as it does to cut the cabbage.

Then there’s the quality of the cabbage, most of what I have seen are the parts salvaged from rotting produce; tear off the sad yellow leaves and cut the rest up for salad.

If 40% of the apples are wasted, then they’re buying too many apples.

It’s high time that supermarkets were fined, and heavily, for wasting food. Not just supermarkets but all food retail outlets.

To add to the pot, companies make and market big portions to make people buy more than they need. The customer then has to eat it all (obesity) or chuck what’s left out (wastage).

It’s time that these practices were stopped.


From The Guardian

Why does anyone buy pre-washed, bagged salad?

Well, obviously, because it looks so fresh and lovely and it’s so clean and convenient, it must be good for you, never mind that it costs a fortune. And because ignorance is bliss. Now, a professor from Imperial College London has gone and ruined it by warning that food-poisoning cases are likely to increase as people buy more salad this way. Pre-washed doesn’t mean safe to eat, he said. It can just mean “looks clean but actually is contaminated with salmonella or E coli”.

Change the World Wednesday – 17th Jul

failed_stampZero waste this week….

So why did I have three bags of rubbish to put out tonight instead of my usual one or sometimes two?

Another of life’s paradoxes.

It was all packaging, so I didn’t actually waste anything. No food went out (I didn’t burn any toast this week), nothing reusable went out.

How many of you would have tossed this orange?

amouldyorangeI made juice from three of them that had snuck up on me in my fruit stand, it was delicious. Just cut the mouldy bits off, perhaps a little more generously because the soft pulp extends further into the fruit than the affected outside signs

So much food is thrown away because of blemishes or a little mould, when they could be used.

fishinglassI didn’t even throw the broken wine glass out, it has been put to the side. I didn’t break it, I discovered that the base was broken in two when I unpacked it. Unfortunately it was past the date when I could have taken it back to the store. So eventually, I will glue the base and use it for…. something; I haven’t decided yet.

It’s too small for a fish bowl. Besides some clown would put wine in it, then I’d have weekly trips to AA with a fish.

Probably end up as a candle holder.

Some rocks, compost and moss, perhaps. A mini terrarium with a fern…


My turning to the new fangled lights is timely. Brazil is banning the sale and manufacture of incandescent light bulbs from next year.

Small suggested, in a comment, that my Bread’n’Butter Pudding sounded great. (Last week)

Mine aren't as burnt... but you get the idea.

Mine aren’t as burnt… but you get the idea.


Old bread crusts or rolls saved in the freezer.

Pyrex dish, butter bread (NO margarine, it’s yucky) and line dish. Throw in some sultanas. Slop on some dollops of any jam (jelly for our US cousins). Make scrambled egg mix with less milk than eggs and with some brown sugar and a dash of vanilla essence, pour over bread until soaked and covered. Sprinkle with some cinnamon or nutmeg. Bake at a low heat until solid. Serve, eat, enjoy. It’s about as simple as a dessert can be. This recipe originated in England during WW II when there was food rationing and nothing, but nothing  could be wasted.

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Okay, on with this week’s CTWW.

This week review your activities and come up with at least one more way to live green. Similar to our energy challenge, this will be easy for “newbies” who have plenty of options to choose from and tough for seasoned “greenies” who will have to dig deep. Let’s see how green we can be!!

Oh, pooh!

Recycle, upcycle, repurpose… They’re all on the cards around here.

Lixo at lunch

Lixo at lunch

Here’s an example. My cat Lixo (means rubbish in Portuguese) is a green cat.

I love my Lixo, but I don’t pamper him. He’s a cat after all. Here he is at lunch -terrible photo.

You’ll notice that there isn’t a special cat bowl, nothing that has been especially bought  for him.

He’s a happy cat.

Now let’s take a closer look at Kitty Korner.

KittyKorner3Kitty Korner is a cut down milk box carton, lined with two polystyrene slabs cut to fit. His dish is a polystyrene tray, and his milk dish is an old margarine container. Lixo is quite happy with his Kitty Korner and asks for nothing more. He’s only interested in the food.

Now while I try to avoid buying stuff in polystyrene, sometimes it’s unavoidable, because of supermarket or hygiene rules. But when I am lumbered with the stuff, it gets reused, upcycled, repurposed. Oh, and when it gets dirty, I wash it and use it again and again, until it breaks, then it goes out in the trash. For example, that marg container, I have been using for three years, it rotates with a cream cheese container of about the same age.

So, my suggestion for something green and new. Is don’t buy your pets purpose specific things, where possible, reuse, recycle, upcycle or repurpose.

Perhaps with a dog, you may have to use something a tad more sturdy than polystyrene as most dogs would just chew it to pieces all over the backyard. Perhaps an old enamel dish…


How green is your pet?

Change the World Wednesday – 10th Jul

I have a little more than 10 minutes, can I do it? Can I make a CTWW post.

The cacophony of dogs continues unabated each morning.

But on with the post…

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CTWW is a redo on food wastage.

This week, in addition to avoiding food waste, please share your ideas for how we can all eliminate it in our lives. The idea here is to share tips, strategies, recipes, etc. … anything that will help us “Use it Up” rather than send it to a landfill.



Head over to the Zero Waste Week site, register and check out all the great information.



Spread the word and encourage your friends and family to join the movement! Let’s ban food waste forever!!

Hmmm, a triple barreled one.


…and that was the good side

I have failed already. This morning I burnt two slices of toast beyond redemption, in fact they were beyond recognition.

On to the compost heap, good quality charcoal.

Really, I already try to eliminate wasting food, of course there are mishaps in the kitchen, the result of blogging while cooking… usually. But I throw little food out; even the T-bone from today’s lunchtime steak (it’s a ‘beef’ week) fed the dog next door; after being thrown at the intruding cat from the other next door that comes in and eats Lixo’s cat food – multipurposing. 🙂

On Sunday I used all my bread crusts, saved in the freezer, and made a wonderful bread’n’butter pudding.

Anything that gets chucked from my kitchen goes on the compost heap, so it’s not exactly wastage. The only things I discard are stuff that would become mouldy like cooked stuff, and very little of that goes out, because I am a terror for left-overs.

Anyway, that’s my ten minutes worth, time to toddle off to work.

Make you Fink on Friday

Cooking from the Compost!

So for years I have been a scavenger, scrounger penny pincher when it comes to food. So what it has a blemish. If I don’t have to pay full price, it’s cool with me! For years, i worked at an organic market, in the produce department, that holds high standards for the quality of their produce which means a lot gets thrown away! What a wasteful place America is. At least where I work they compost it. Meaning there are bins where they take the bagged rejects out to for people to use as compost. A perk for working in the department is first dibs on the rejects! Awesome!! Free organics?!? Um, YES!

throw aways!

I’ve been cooking out of the trash for years and I thought I would start sharing some meals with you. Here is a grilled veggie pizza I made the other night.

Reblogged from: Grace Alley Treasures, you want to see the pizza, then roll on over there.

I have posted on this before.

We don’t need to have perfect veges and produce.

aFruits & Veges

The supermarket lines them all up with nary a blemish

Your fruit and vege don’t need to be perfect. If you shop for perfection then you are one of the ones responsible for food wastage and shortage.

Your apple doesn’t need to be perfect.


It can have a spot or blemish…


Cut out the blemish, it tastes just fine.

You too can eat well from fruit and vege destined for the compost heap.



We Must Act… NOW!

The wastage of food on this planet has reached epic proportions. It’s time to stop!

Alarming figures are appearing, that we waste 50% of our food from the farm to the table and beyond, that half of the turkeys we produce for Christmas and Thanksgiving Day end up in the bin not eaten.

If this figures don’t shock you, nothing will?

We desperately need to return to the old ways where our larders looked liked this.


The reliance on corporative food products has to be stemmed.

Pre-war advertising – Click the image for an excellent post

Very soon we will need this to survive.

Don’t scoff at the idea.

“It takes roughly 20 gallons of water to make a pint of beer, as much as 132 gallons of water to make a 2-liter bottle of soda, a typical hamburger takes 630 gallons of water to produce.”Wall Street Journal

We have all heard about ‘carbon footprints’ but what we haven’t heard much about is the ‘water footprint’.

The water footprint is the hidden amount of water used to produce food, and nearly all other products. It’s the amount we don’t see.

1lb of beef cost $7.99 and 2,500 gallons of water

Take another example; “To date, probably the most reliable and widely-accepted water estimate to produce a pound of beef is the figure of 2,500 gallons/pound. Newsweek once put it another way: “the water that goes into a 1,000 pound steer would float a destroyer.”vegsource

Our supplies of water are dwindling, fast.

Gone are the days when we just used river water, now we are stealing from the aquifers, the underground water that supplies the rivers and lakes.

We are not only stealing that water, we are polluting that water with practices like fracking. The aquifers take thousands of years to regenerate.

Once the aquifers are gone, so are we!

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