Make you Fink on Friday

Does your mail box look like this at Christmas?

Full of fliers, brochures, pamphlets, magazines,  and junk mail all telling you what to buy and what you have to buy to make your Christmas and that of your loved ones happy; where to go and what to do and how to do it. Really it’s all aimed at parting you from your hard earned dollars.

Christmas Fliers

Basically, they’re full of bollocks and end up in the trash. Literally, they are a waste of paper.

But… wait!

Are they, is there a way to recycle these for the benefit of making your Christmas a little bit greener?

I never gave it a thought before I saw this blog post:

Junk Mail Gift Wrap

Go there, check it out, maybe, just maybe you think this is a good idea.

I wrote a Change the World Wednesday post during the week suggesting the use of newspaper to wrap your presents. I never gave junk mail a thought.

Fool the foolers, exploit them as they are trying to exploit you.

Sorry, this is a day late…

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by smallftprints on October 29, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    I get very little junk mail these days (those sites like Catalog Choice) really work. However, during Christmas things do sneak in and I have used the colorful ads as wrapping paper. They actually work out beautifully … the paper is colorful and it’s a bit sturdier than regular wrapping paper so it makes a nice package. My favorite items to use as wrapping are those that are functional … towels, scarves, t-shirts, etc. I’ve also taken old clothing and made my own gift bags. When one takes the time to look around, there are all kinds of things to use as wrapping “paper”.

    Good advice is appropriate on ANY day! Thanks, AV!



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