Simple Green Ideas

These one’s are simple ideas, but could be a bit of work.

Got one of these in the backyard?



But a really big one…

Try this:

A tree pavillion

A tree pavillion

Or, if it’s a smaller one:


Bird bath and garden

Or, if it’s already horizontal:


Garden seat

Or, just hollow it out a bit:



Or, just leave it for the kids to use their imaginations:


Kids love old stumps

If it’s really, really big:

Make a sandbox for them

Make a sandbox for them

Or with a bit more work, it could be lined and become a garden pond.

Or, make a decorative table, or one for the BBQ.

A tree stump table

A tree stump table

Or, you could leave it to the bees, or make something more substantial for them.


Or, you could just dig it out and miss a wonderful opportunity…

2 responses to this post.

  1. I adore the bench and the sandbox… I never would have thought of that. When our two huge maples had to come down after a storm a wood chipper was brought in to make mulch. Living in the city this was the best my grandparents could think to do but at least they didn’t let the contractors haul any of it away.



  2. >Lois most don’t. They just see a stump as a nuisance to be got rid of. Like most things, they just need a little imagination, or google it (like I did)




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