Change the World Wednesday – 11th Jan

I am having withdrawal symptoms…

No Change the World Wednesdays since 30th November, and I have to wait until the 30th January still…


I am a blathering mess, I’ve tried coffee, I’ve tried sleeping, I’ve tried ignoring the problem, I even tried doing the dishes, even therapy shopping doesn’t help. Nothing works, it’s always there, haunting me, teasing me, threatening me… NO CTWW.

Last night I had a nightmare about it. I wrote a CTWW post, the best I’ve ever written, and there was no CTWW when I woke up.

@GiveTreeGifts tweeted about it, and included my name. My gorge rose in my throat. I have to have a CTWW, I just can’t do without it. Two whole months of deprivation, I’m losing it, I’m losing weight, my hair is falling out… oh wait, that is just old age, all the dishes are done… again, I’m losing sleep, I just sit here and stare at a blank screen every Wednesday morning, hoping, waiting, dribbling from one corner of the mouth

I tried reading past CTWW posts, but it wasn’t the same, even my passionfruit project has failed me; and I am sure that is a result too. Last year I had a bumper crop, harvested more than 200, this year, I have 1. Yes, only 1 lonely passionfruit growing over the front door, hanging there, taunting me.

I have even regressed, yes, regressed. I had a packaged 4-cheese lasagna last week; it was wrapped in plastic!

I can’t even recycle my grey-water, we have had two weeks of torrential rain, if I give my plants any more water, they’ll drown.

I will add, on a slightly more serious note, that Smallfootprints has worked hard over the past year in bringing us all CTWW, she deserves a break. Personally, I would just like to say a big…

Thank you

and we’ll see you at the end of January.

So I am going to finish here with this…

Farmer's Market

I hope you are all supporting your local Farmers’ Market

5 responses to this post.

  1. OMGoodness … I laughed until I cried. You are too funny!! Only 1 passionfruit? And … plastic covered lasagna? OH NOOOOOO!!! Now I’m really feeling guilty (as I sit here with my feet up and not a care in the world). 🙂 Okay … I’ve resisted all the other pleas to get off my … I mean get going … but yours grated on … I mean touched on a nerve. I’m currently working on some changes to RF and some guest posts so … if not next Wed (the 18th), for sure on the 25th. Thanks, my friend, for the grins and giggles … and for making me feel good! “See” you soon!



    • @SF, it was intended as a fun post, glad you liked it. Yes, I am terribly disappointed with my one and only passionfruit (I put some more seeds in tonight). Look forward to the changes, obviously you haven’t been idle during your hiatus.




  2. You are hilarious! Absolutely loved your post!

    Passionfruit – yummo!
    Farmer’s market – awesome! We are getting very close to joining a CSA this year.



    • @Katie, I have my moments. Happy to know that some appreciate my efforts at insanity. Had fresh passionfruit juice with dinner last night, as you say ‘yummo!’

      Thanks for the visit and commen.




  3. […] must admit that I did miss our weekly challenges. I even wrote a pseudo CTWW last week in a desperate attempt to regain my […]



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