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Earth Summit 1982 – 2012 R.I.P.

A pretty logo, thousands of delegates, millions of dollars in a city that didn’t listen in 1982 and they couldn’t fight their way out of a supermarket bag.

Hot air and the predicted nothing of importance was the outcome.

Oh, they’ll crow and make noises about being a success despite the summit being watered down and diluted like bad whisky.

In reality, it was a FLOP.

This summit was probably the most important of its kind ever held. It is the last of its kind where we have a chance to save anything. In another 20 years, there won’t be anything salvageable to save.

The sustainability of this planet is under threat. The threat is so dire and so imminent that we can’t trust politicians to deal with it.

This mess is beyond political solutions.

The big problem is that we have arrived at this point by being lead by the nose by politicians and their fancy rhetoric.

We have to change the whole paradigm.

The politicians must be kept at bay with huge sharp sticks. They must be kept totally out of the solution making process. You can’t fix a problem by using the same thinking that created it.

It is high time for the people to take control, because politicians can’t be trusted. The people have to turn to independent specialists  with no political agenda, platform or axe to grind.

We have to give the scientists and philosophers a chance to succeed where the politicians have failed. Any corporate, military or government affiliations would disqualify anticipated members of such a solution.

The results would be mandatory. The governments would have to follow or be tried for treason in that they have betrayed the planet. The governments would have no say in the matters, they would have no veto, they would implement the ideas regardless of the financial loses to the corporations, Wall Street or the lobbyists.

Bitter pill, swallow it!


The world has given the governments the chance to fix the problems time and time again; and each time they have failed, failed so miserably that it is an embarrassment.

There is only one choice left.

We have no option but to heed it, or we are doomed to perish.

We are already on the verge of annihilation with the nuclear issue, but if there is a remote chance of ridding ourselves of nuclear energy, we have to consider the people.

No, it’s my ball! You go find another one to destroy!

The human race is out of control.

It’s not the planet that needs saving, it’s us that need stopping.

It is our insatiable need to have everything and do nothing to produce it.

We have raised each successive generation to to ‘want & want now!’

Consumerism and debt are our biggest enemies.

20 years ago

In 1982 Severn Suzuki, a 12 year old made an impassioned plea; she literally silenced the world for six minutes.

This time it is Brittany Trilford from Wellington, New Zealand to address the Rio +20.

“A Wellington school girl has stood before world leaders and called for an end to broken environmental promises.

Brittany Trilford, 17, was one of the opening speakers at Earth Summit 2012 in Brazil this morning.

She was selected after an impassioned video that impressed a jury including Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Don Cheadle.

The Queen Margaret College pupil showed no nerves as she stood before the crowd.

“I’m here to fight for my future. That’s it,” she said.

She said environmental problems were getting worse and action remained inadequate.

“We plunder away our natural resources, diminishing our biodiversity, our oceans, our forests, and then we demand more.”

Her speech follows in the tradition of  Severn Suzuki, “the girl who silenced the world for six minutes” after her speech at the original 1992 Earth Summit in Rio as a 12-year-old.” – The Dominion Post

This is her message:

The question is, will the leaders listen?

Only if the corporations let them.

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