Change the World Wednesday – 20th Feb

Passionfruit juice, although I usually skip the decanter and serve straight from the blender, the advantage of living alone – image: Green Kitchen Stories

The year is marching on. It does so relentlessly.

The house has returned to normal, the dishes done after three attempts to clear the bench. BBQs do seem to make more than their share of dishes.

My passionfruit vines have produced more fruit. Tons of flowers, but so many failed to be pollinated. But there will be enough for a couple of big juices (2x ingredients- juice & sugar; does ice count as an ingredient?).

So, I had a good fridge clean out.

I must thank Small Footprints for the Monday Moaning post that got selected for mention-in-despatches last week, very much appreciated.

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On with this week’s challenge.

This week, buy only foods with 6 or fewer ingredients. Here’s a tip … shop the perimeter of the store rather than the center isles … you’ll find more options. Want to kick this challenge up even further? Be sure that high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils aren’t in the food you choose … they are really “bad for you” substances. And if you have access to the information, choose non-GMO foods.

I rarely buy prepared foods, sometimes a bottle of ketchup or my beloved Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire Sauce, which certainly have more than six ingredients. I have been known to slip the odd frozen lasagne in for the freezer. I like to have one on hand to heat in the oven if I arrive home late from work; who wants to begin cooking at 9pm?

I mainly buy meat, fish, etc and veges and cook them at home in preference to ready made stuff.

I don’t use cooking oil, rather I use banha (lard) and I prefer butter to margarine, although I have both in the house; the latter for convenience is used rarely.

HFCS and GMOs are on mylist of pet hates. It goes without saying that I have no ‘diet’, ‘light’, or ‘low cholesterol’ things in my house, therefore there is no aspartame either. I have in the past bought syrups to make cordial, but I have stopped that, because they have HFCS. The only drink that I buy now is agua com gas (sparkling mineral water). I refuse to buy water without gas, because that is ‘free’ from the tap in the kitchen via the freezer. So drinks like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, etc are also a no-no for me.

I am sure beer has more than six ingredients, but asking to give that up for an entire week would be like purgatory, and I’ve been a good boy, mostly.

Besides the weather here has been so hot and we’ve had no rain for more than a month.

So this challenge is not so much a challenge to me, more like my regular shopping.

Blogging right along, I’ll see you next week.

6 responses to this post.

  1. I too rarely eat processed foods so this isn’t much of a challenge for me this week either. The one thing I do keep in my house for those quick meals and for the grand kids who love them are ramen noodle. The seasoning packets are set aside for fresh ingredients added to them as I won’t eat msg knowingly. I do keep butter on hand, being raised with it I can’t stand margarine.



  2. hear ya-but the wine is in the center of the store!



    • >shibori,not in my stores… First aisle in both supermarkets 🙂 Brazilians have good priorities




      • smart! recently here they have reorganized the major supermarkets. the massive amt of space devoted to soda, snacks and candy, not to mention frozen foods is ENORMOUS! just crazy. i try to make a pilgrimage to a store that has great produce, fresh breads, huge cheese selection, butcher counter, and a WHOLE aisle of dried bulk beans, rice and spices -about once a month. very international market.


      • Oh, I hate that, an aisle for soda, an aisle for snacks and not a decent thing to eat in two aisles of freezers. Brazilians don’t know about bulk stuff, nor decent cheese. So hard to get decent stuff here. Brazilians equate 1st World = lazy, so become 1st World.

        Now I am going to switch off, bought a new CD-ROM this morning and going to fit.



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