Change the World Wednesday – 3rd April

Running a bit late this morning. Big tropical rainstorm last night lots of rain, lots of lightning and lots of wind. The net went down. for a couple of hours. But that is normal for the Third World, you get used to it.

Stylized waterdrop footprintLast week’s CTWW was about your water footprint.

Boy did I get a surprise.


Initially, I thought it was ho-hum, at least I did until I saw reports of 100+ and 400+.

Then I went, oh dear!

I wasn’t doing so well. My big culprit was food, or more specifically meat.

In Small’s last week’s CTWW gave these figures:

  • Beef 1 kg = 15,500 lt of water
  • Pork = 4,800 lt
  • Chicken = 3,900 lt

Now while that isn’t an end all definitive list, it did show me that the amount of beef that I consume (Oh, I do love a BBQ) was where I unwittingly used most of my ‘hidden’ water.

no-beef4After much gnashing of teeth I thought about what I could do.

The result is that I have imposed on myself two beefless weeks each month. Monday – Sunday, the first full and third weeks  of each month.

I am now in the middle of my first week.

Last night at the supermarket, I bought no beef, only chicken for three days, pork for one day and fish for two days (I already have fish in the fridge for one day). I have bacon to make a bacon & egg pie and ham for snacks.

By doing this I have roughly halved my beef intake.

agreencatEven Lixo P. Cat has joined the the effort.

Not by choice, I might add.

He is having chicken as his meat supplement instead of mincemeat (ground beef for our American cousins), and fish ‘flavoured’ dry cat food that probably doesn’t have any actual fish in it as much as his meat ‘flavoured’ doesn’t not have any actual meat in it.

My Lixo is a ‘green’ cat.

When I unpack from the supermarket, Lixo is a great helper. He carefully inspects each item as it goes into either the cupboard or fridge.

Last night as the last item was hidden from his feline eyes. He looked up at me quizzically and ‘meowed’, and I could just read his mind… “Where’s the beef?”


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This week’s CTWW.

This week, apply the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) to CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, etc.

Once again, it’s rather a large challenge to hop across to Reduce Footprints to read the rest, just click on the banner and you’ll be transported from Kansas…

cd2I am already green here. I haven’t bought a CD for music in years, I download from the net. The same with films, although I do have one or two currently. I have in the past given DVDs to neighbours when I am done with them, so they have been recycled.

I wouldn’t use a CD as a coaster, because coasters need to be absorbent or you drip condensation all down your front.

But I can imagine that they could be used decoratively as dangly things in the wind, like chimeless wind chimes.

As for disposal, Brazil is just not up with this type of specialised recycling and if they were added to the ‘plastics’ would no doubt be discarded at the recycling plant. Anyway, in our area we don’t have selective recycling for anything.

You do see this in 'posh' areas, but Zona Oeste (West Zone) is not 'posh' enough

You do see this in ‘posh’ areas, but Zona Oeste (West Zone) is not ‘posh’ enough

Our recycling is more like this…

Catadores roaming the streets looking for stuff to sell on

Catadores roaming the streets looking for stuff to sell on

That’s about it for this week, on with my beefless week… Chicken for lunch!

11 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by smallftprints on April 3, 2013 at 9:53 am

    Wow AV … I’m totally impressed that you are doing two beef-free weeks per month. That will definitely reduce your water footprint. 🙂

    Yeah … I thought the coaster idea for CDs was less than practical. I did some searching about ways to use them and there are some creative suggestions out there. Even though we have reasonable recycling, here, discs are typically not recycled. So they end up being a lot of waste.

    Have a great week!



    • >Small, I admit that I was totally surprised at the amount of water used to raise beef as opposed to pork and poultry. I used to eat beef daily, so for me it is a big step, but I am determined.

      I should google CD recycling and see what happens.




      • it is amazing isn’t it? in this house we tend to eat Japanese style which is small portions of meat- any kind- and lots of grains and veggies. i find Japanese food very satisfying as it is very savory.

        as for CD’s- i tie them up and hang them in the fruit trees to keep the birds off the ripening apricots, persimmons and such. their movement keeps the birds nervous and out of the trees.


      • >shiborigirl, I had wondered about the scarecrow effect. I believe that the Japanese eating style would have to be among the healthiest in the world.



      • Posted by smallftprints on April 3, 2013 at 6:32 pm

        Oh yes, do … I didn’t get much when I searched. Let me know if you find anything good! 🙂


      • >Small, did. Try CD recycling and click images, heaps of ideas. Try this link, interesting:



  2. […] resolved to eat less beef. I discovered that beef has a huge water footprint. See posts here and here on Eco-Crap. But I love my BBQ… I have actually resolved to have beefless weeks each month. […]



  3. AV, I am surprised by your efforts, two whole weeks! That’s dedication.I too am still tweaking things around my daily life to reduce my water usage. If we have a normal summer my watering of the garden will be drastically cut which is where my largest amount comes from. As for this week’s challenge, I wouldn’t use them for coasters either, but in the garden we can hang them from the fruit trees to keep the deer from devouring them. I like your idea of a wind chime and may consider trying one myself. I have promised the little ones their own garden plots this summer and could let them decorate with them while protecting the garden.



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