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The Green Ink Bottle

A new page that I have added to the Top Bar, it is merely a repository for the rare moment of brilliance that shines through my dusty exterior. Original quotes from me.

Some serious, some logical, some tongue in cheek.

The comments are linked to the post they came from, and there are more to come, it’s is an on-going work.


Nature Ramble

I’m sorry, I missed a couple of Sundays, put it down to health reasons; I had the ‘flu which took ages to shake, and that was followed by food poisoning…

This week, I have chosen a video clip. I found it on Alex’s blog The Liberated Way, (great blog, btw) it is about survival, it is violent, it shows nature at its meanest level.

Respecting and Understanding Nature – The Liberated Way


Hornets are one creature that can freak me.  Hornets are dangerous, and often people run into problems due to ignorance.  It is a good idea to run if you stumble on a hornets nest, as fighting one can quickly result in many when a hornet sends an attack-alert chemical to its fellows…. Read more

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