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Change the World Wednesday – 25th July

I have an hour before my class starts. Can I do it?

Rubbish Audit

My rubbish days are Thursday, Saturday & Tuesday (Yes, I know Tuesday comes before Thursday, but that is the order since the challenge… sheeeesh!) So, I watched my rubbish.

I love my fancy cheeses, but they come with stupid little packets to throw away

So, what did I throw away. Plastic, everything comes wrapped in plastic, whether it’s clingfilm, or something more sinister; 3x pint plastic bottles (sparkling mineral water, I have taken to drinking that in place of soda); paper and cardboard packets, the scraps of labels from two jars that are awaiting re-use, milk boxes ( I could have saved and cut for plants, but I have so many already). A small piece of aluminium foil (blue vein cheese comes wrapped in it). One broken (beyond redemption, my neighbour’s car ran over it) metal dish rack that I used in the garden. A black plastic rubbish bag that I saved from the street for the plant pots and then re-threw away.

What did I compost? Coffee grounds, daily. vegetable peelings, egg shells, lemon peels and a jar of dried parsley that smelt funny (not the jar).

This is the sugar I use for my coffee, it’s raw sugar, bag used for rubbish

What did I recycle? One small jam jar and one glass that came with cream cheese in it.

What did I scrap? One piece of meat from yesterday’s lunch and the pork bones from another meal., the neighbour’s dog loved them.

What did I use to contain my rubbish? Plastic bread bags and a sack the sugar came in.


Thursday: 1lb (½kg)

Saturday: ½lb (¼kg)

Tuesday: 8lbs (because of the other rubbish sack and metal dish rack) (3kgs) Only ½lb was household rubbish)

Total: Household rubbish. 2lbs (1kg)

That’s it, my rubbish audit.

No, I didn’t. Been to work and back again…

This week’s challenge:

This week, suggest a challenge. This can be a repeat of a past challenge, a version of something we’ve already done or something completely new … anything which you feel we should address.

And/Or …

Tell us about something you’re struggling with … a green-living activity which is difficult to adopt in your life.

Damn, this is a tricky one. Just about most everything has been thought of one way or another.

But, I did find something new during the previous week and posted on it; This is a Shocker.

Does this netting leach dangerous chemicals into the soil and ultimately to your veges?

So I guess my suggestion would be, “How green is your yard?” While the linked post concentrates on the garden hose, the idea can be expanded. What plastics are yard swimming pools made of, the yard toys (slides, swings and dolls houses) for your kids, are they made of dangerous plastics? Buckets, tools, garden pots and the potted plants on your patio, terrace or veranda. What about the plastics used in window netting for insects and the garden?

There, food for thought!

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