Not a CTWW Post – 4 Dec

Here we go again with NOT a CTWW post.

But this week I am going to set a challenge.

Each week, in fact I am sure each day, we all do something that maybe considered ‘green’ and probably don’t even think about it. Well, I want you to think about it, maybe photograph it, and post it.

I have done a quick stocktake of things that have happened.

Firstly, four years ago I planted goiaba (guava) seeds, some of them sprouted, and I transplanted one to grow. The tree is now three metres (9 feet +/-) tall and there are a couple of fruit for the first time. I noticed then this week.

See it, half hidden behind the leaf?

See it, half hidden behind the leaf?

A few weeks ago, I had some pineapple, one I thought had died, and I yanked it out and threw on the compost heap where it took root, and now there is a pineapple growing; one of five that I have around the yard.

This is the biggest

This is the biggest

The last bunch of fresh mint I bought at the sacolão (fruit & vege shop), one piece had a sprig of root, so I put it in a glass of water, then when more root had grown, I transplanted it in an old paint tin.

Most of my plants are in old paint tins

Most of my plants are in old paint tins

So soon I will have fresh mint for the kitchen.

Yesterday I put out my rubbish, someone had thrown out an old dead cactus still in its planter.


Just waiting for something to grow in it

Bit of a brush up and it’s ready to be the home for a new plant.

In the late afternoon, I stopped off at the botequim (bar next door) for a well deserved beer after a hot day, and saw that someone had thrown out an old PC. Home it went. After a refreshing beer, I opened it.

All good spare parts

Less to go to the landfill

Spare parts, two memory sticks, a hard drive, a CDROM, cables, all good spare parts.

So, what have you done this week? Or done earlier that has become apparent this week?

Write a post about it, and leave a comment here.

This is your official NOT a CTWW post, brought to you with two cups of coffee. No animals were tested here.

4 responses to this post.

  1. I had to think about your challenge a moment because you are right, these things are just second nature to me now. I finished a can of polycrylic on the last piece of furniture I restored, the lid was put aside to use for a deer deterrent in the garden saving the need to have to purchase garden netting to protect my plants. The can was cleaned out and set aside to make a planter. I ordered a full share of a CSA box for next summer now that it will be delivered to a pick up spot in my town. I am making a quilt from a vintage tablecloth and an old discarded blanket for the batting.



    • >Lois, good for you. A great stocktake. Just goes to show the little things we do and don’t think about it. I save the tops of containers to mix paint when I decide to get all artistic. What’s a CSA Box? Curious.

      Thanks for taking part in my mini-challenge, appreciated.




      • CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it’s a farm or collective of several farms that work together to bring you local produce during the growing season. You pay for a share of food during the winter months for me a full share will cost just over $500. This helps the farmers to pay for the seed and prepare the fields. They know they have buyers for their produce as well. Then each week the members (those who paid) will received what was picked that week. Of course there is a risk, if a crop fails the member absorbs that loss not just the farmer. But with the wide variety of produce being grown it’s not a huge loss to each individual as it would be to a farmer.


      • Thanks for that, I do remember you mentioning it in a post now that I see your reply.



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